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BP’s New CEO Fights Back: Blames Media And Rivals For Stoking Fears

Bob Dudley and Barack Obama
BP’s new CEO, Bob Dudley, is not happy with how his company was treated during their 87-day Gulf of Mexico oil spill according to a article out of In an annual speech to the of British business lobby group, the CBI, Dudley said there had been: “A great rush to judgment by a fair number of observers before the full facts could possibly be known…”

That’s coming from the same Bob Dudley who as pre-CEO of BP, rushed out his own calculations that 5,000 bpd (barrels per day) were leaking into the Gulf of Mexico to counter the “scaremongering” reports that 70,000 bpd were pouring out of the collapsed Deepwater Horizon well. The gov’t later put the spill rate at 62,000 bpd. And Bob’s frustration doesn’t end there and also extends to his competitors. He doesn’t appreciate that they, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil, left him hanging by saying BP’s contractors drill for oil in a way they wouldn’t. You know its got to sting when Exxon is on the high road and you’re looking up.

But before this goes any further, Jubbling would like to help Bob Dudley out by offering him some unsolicited advice – shut the f#%k up! That’s right Mr. Dudley, if there ever was a time in your academically and financially successful life when you would be better seen and not heard giving speeches, this would be it. Clean the oil off of a Pelican, eat some Louisiana crab or read stories to school kids affected by the spill. But most importantly, take responsibility for this disaster rather than squabbling over the details and trying to avoid it. The BP name is crap right now and backbiting is not going to elevate it.


Three Required Green Accessories: Peace Symbol, Politicized Hemp Shirt, And Bible?

Inspired by article: “In Kansas, Climate Skeptics Embrace Cleaner Energy“.

Nixon vs Gore - Who is more Jubbling?When did politics become so infused into the issue of conservation? Yes, Richard Nixon’s Republican administration kick-started the Environmental Decade in the 1970’s and helped spawn the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Clean Air Act (CAA) amendments of 1970 and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). President Nixon was a tree-hugger but should we hold that against all Republicans?

There was a great article posted in the about The Climate and Energy Project and how six towns in Kansas rallied around an effort to consume fewer resources and push for renewable energy. Their motivation was not political nor was it about melting polar ice caps or greenhouse gas emissions; according to the article, their motivation was born out of thrift, patriotism, spiritual conviction and economic prosperity. Lessen our dependence on foreign oil and respect God’s earth is basically it. So, what were the results? Over the life of the program which ended in the spring of 2010, the towns reduced energy consumption by 5% when a 1.5% reduction is considered significant.

Sorry Al Gore, Greenzo and Copenhagen – the answer to reducing consumption and finding renewable energy sources may not come from a “shock and awe” message but from efforts that are truly grassroots and definitely not politicized.

Now I do have one last question for the people in these participating Kansas towns – what about all those cool hemp based, peace-sign covered clothing that announces how environmentally aware you are; please tell me you are not giving that all up too. Everyone knows that it’s the best part of being truly green.

[Answer to Who’s More Jubbling – Nixon or Gore? Who Cares.]


Thanks To The SolarCalculator and SolarLease, SolarCity May Be Your Next Renewable Utility

SolarCalculatorIn the crowded market of renewable energy suppliers and ideas, SolarCity may have found their Jubbling niche with a product that is as brilliant as it is simple. All you have to do is visit and enter some data into their SolarCalculator – average electric bill, your address, roof description and local utility company – and they’ll kick out information on how much you could save by installing solar panels. The genius of their product is that they give you the option of buying the panels or more importantly, leasing them from SolarCity. Your lease payments go to SolarCity for renewable energy instead of the utility company. And believe it or not, the utility companies want it this way. They have a limited amount of kilowatt hours to distribute so they encourage their customers to consume less.

SolarCity HomeHaving the SolarCity panels operational will not completely take you off the grid. If you have a stretch where you need more electricity than your panels are generating, your local utility will seamlessly cover the difference. And the reverse is also true; you can get energy credits for the excess electricity you send back to the grid. It’s called “net metering” and you must get permission from your local utility and SolarCity before it’s active. Basically, your meter will spin backwards when you are generating more than you are consuming.

Residents and businesses in California, Arizona, Texas and other sunny states – please give SolarCity’s SolarCalculator a shot. You are blessed with sunlight – why not absorb some of it.


Is This Jubbling? 12,000 Square Foot Home With 3,000 Square Feet Of Solar Panels

Rizzone Family HouseI knew the day would come that I would kick my own crotch over Jubbling. The whole mindset behind Jubbling is to spread the word and idea that you don’t have to be extreme to reduce your footprint on the planet and that every act and informed choice to reduce your consumption can help. But the Rizzone family’s new home in Newport Beach CA is a true Jubbling enigma.

They were recently profiled on for adding 3,000 square ft of solar panels to help power the 12,000 square ft home they built. The home includes:

Two kitchens, nine baths, a four-car garage, a gym, a 14-seat home theater, 16 TVs, an infinity-edge pool, outdoor cooking area, motorized and movable glass walls, nine zones of heating and cooling, 17 zones of audio and video, and an indoor waterfall.

According to the Rizzone’s, it’s been a “labor of love” and allowed them to the send a message to their two children about the importance of energy efficiency.

In addition to the solar panels and to aid the efficiency of their home, the Rizzones insisted on all LED lighting and to reduce cooling costs, their Somfy shades are timed to automatically drop down in order to block the sun. Their home was also built using recycled steel studs, concrete walls that help warm and cool the home, blown-in cellulose insulation, Energy Star-rated appliances and a rainwater harvesting system for landscape irrigation.

But is this Jubbling? They built a 12,000 square foot behemoth that only the consumption gods would appreciate. I’ve struggled with this but I have to conclude that, yes, it is Jubbling.

The Rizzone’s could’ve easily stayed off the radar and built 12,000 square foot home less energy efficient and without solar panels. They could’ve gone even larger with their house by avoiding solar and LED lighting and we would’ve never heard about them. It would’ve been just one more big ass house we all pointed at and said “look at that big ass house.”

And the Rizzone’s are taking their Jubbling to the tree lined streets of Newport Beach. Neighbors are not too happy about the glare from their solar panels and have protested their addition. But Steve Rizzone has used this as an opportunity to preach the solar gospel: “As we’ve talked to more neighbors and educated them on the benefits [of solar power], we’ve been able to turn some of the naysayers into believers,”

Now the part about the Rizzone kids learning about energy efficiency thanks to the building decisions they’ve made – I’m not buying it. Now if they did want to impart some knowledge on their children, they should start by adopting me. I’ll buy into everything they’re selling and I’ll even help install a clothesline in their backyard.


What TV Should I Buy?

Thank you Mitsubishi Diamond Vision for releasing your new OLED technology based 150″ TV. Made up of many 4″ squared panels, the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision is designed for use in digital signage but could also be used in homes. My thanks to Mitsubishi is for motivating me to finally write a post about choosing your next TV on features beyond resolution, contrast ratio and most importantly, size. I’m talking about power consumption, acceptable size, and power saving features–things we didn’t consider in the good old days five years ago.

CNET - The Basics of TV Power
One problem: already beat me to it. Their four part article on “The Basics of TV Power” – is the most complete resource for finding your next television based on reviews and power consumption data. Obviously, the amount of electricity a TV will consume is based on size and technology (i.e. plasma, LCD, OLED etc.). However, the question is, at what point does the improved picture quality of plasma and the reduced power consumption of an LCD meet? This is what the CNET article helps answer better than I ever could.

Buying your next TV online?
The Jubbling answer would be “Don’t! Make your 25-inch Zenith console TV last a couple more years.” But if you have to purchase online, try not to automatically choose the company with the best price. Go to shopping sites like PriceGrabber, and DealTime and focus on the negative customer reviews. A lot of the online retailers will post their own positive reviews in order to pump up their ratings and to drown out the negative ones. You can easily spot the fake-positives because they’re usually about 5 to 10 words long and generic. The negative reviews tell a more accurate story of a customer’s buying experience with specifics and details that only a truly dissatisfied customer could post. Also, if you can, avoid companies based in NY. They are notorious for pre-charging credit cards, shipping returned products and charging outrageous re-stocking fees even if they are at fault.


Merry Kwanzannukahmas! Kids, You’re Getting A Philips EnduraLED Lightbulb This Year.

Philips EnduraLED 60WAt $40 – $50 a pop, making it a gift is the only way I can justify buying the Philip’s EnduraLED 60W. And what perfect timing – Home Depot will start selling Philip’s EnduraLED 60W bulbs right in time for the holidays. Philip’s EnduraLED 60W only require 12-watts of power to deliver the equivalent brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. And unlike CFL bulbs, the EnduraLED 60W is dimmable, mercury free, produces “warm white” light and is expected to last up to 25,000 hours (four to five times longer than a typical CFL).