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Not Quite Jubbling Worthy Fourth Edition: Fish On Anti-Depressants, Eco-Power List, Wearable Pollinator Frocks Attract Bees and The World Is Sinking

Stories that are not quite Jub-Worthy There are stories out there that merit the cycle of agonizing over our thoughts and limited writing abilities for four hours, and others that might be interesting but are just as well represented by a link. Here are those links.

  • Anti-Depressants Affecting Montreal Fish – Every Montreal fisherman’s tackle box should include: Worms, salmon eggs, Blue Fox spinners and Prozac?
    Prozac Fishing Lure
    Twenty-five percent of Montreal’s residents take anti-depressants which are then entering the St. Lawrence river through the city’s sewage system. Solid waste is removed but the water is not treated and this allows anti-depressants to flow into the river and possibly into the fish. What’s the affect?
  • Eco power lists: Fatuous, invidious and misrepresentative – You have to visit George Monbiot’s blog and read his post “Power Trips.” His issue is with The Observer newspaper’s “Green giants: the eco power list” article. In Mr. Monbiot’s words: “[Lists] are invidious. They extract a few characters from a vast collective effort: generally those who are skilled at taking credit for other people’s work.” He’s got a point – how else can you explain Jay Lenos name being included on the list? Is it because he owns 240 cars and he converted one of them to run on tequila? Blog
  • Pollinator Frock Attracts and Feeds Bees

  • Wearable Technology “Pollinator Frocks” Are Wearable Gardens That Attract, Feed Hungry Bees – This is one of those eco-ideas that has Darwin Award winner written all over it. The “Pollinator Frocks” feature microscopic images of pollen and are treated with a sweet nectar that attracts and feeds bees and other hungry bugs. Other considered ideas: mens catnip underwear and the chum swimsuit. Ecouterre
  • Dubai’s World of Islands is Sinking Into the Sea – Here’s another one that could’ve been thought through a little better – Dubai’s amazing and questionable “World of Islands” development is sinking. Created with dredged sand, a buttload of money and modeled after the 7 continents, the “World of Islands” was going to be a opulent retreat for the wealthy who could stake their claim and own their own “country” island. Unfortunately, it’s sand carried between the man-made islands that is causing them to erode. Inhabitat
  • World Of Islands Being BuiltWorld of Islands Dubai

    Jubbling Up Valentines Day For That Special Someone By Making Your Own Valentines Card

    Valentines Card - Dead FlowersNot a Valentines Day goes by without me disappointing my wife but I think this year is going to be different. Thankfully, she doesn’t visit so I should be able to sneak in a post for the men in our audience about how to Jubblingly deliver this year on Valentines Day.

    It’s easy guys, think of the opposite of what you’d want on Valentines Day and write it in a card that you make yourself. Coloring is a plus but not absolutely necessary. We’ve all seen the positive reaction that handmade kid’s cards get; I don’t think a custom message delivered on a hand written and drawn card ever gets old. Yes, we could all do what we normally do and drive to the store and spend 20 minutes searching and eventually buying a $5.00 card that uses words we never would – cherished? After 24 hours of display time, our Valentine card purchase ends up in the garbage and forgotten. That is why I like Plan J – making my own card from scratch paper or folded printer paper for my special someone. Here are some samples that might help you get started.

    Valentines Card #1 – Guess Who’s Getting Lucky?
    Valentines Card - Getting Lucky [Read more…]


    Queen Wind Turbine Wants To Generate Electricity Bird Friendlier And In Full Camo

    After reading article after article from groups and individuals who oppose wind power, it’s nice to see that one person wants to stand with wind Nacelle Spinner with Blades - Queen Wind Turbine and meet those objections with his idea called the Queen Wind Turbine. That one person is Mr. Vince Fodera and his idea is to generate electricity using his nacelle spinner with blades encased in a bird-proof mesh instead of a 50 – 150′ tower with the standard turbine blades. Mr. Fodera sees his Queen Wind Turbine as a localized solution (i.e homes, businesses) and one that could be used along freeways (Roadside Draft Turbine) and on top of boat masts. It works by channeling air so it never needs to be moved or rotated to face the wind source.

    Queen Wind Turbine in a TreeProbably the most interesting application of the Queen Wind Turbine is its ability to attach to an existing tree which then camouflages the electricity generator. This helps overcome the “eyesore” complaint that follows most wind power installations both on a large and small scale and it reduces the comparative costs.

    Yes, the Queen Wind Turbine might be a little far fetched but maybe makers of personal wind power generators could borrow some ideas from Mr. Fodera. His approach seems to be “look at the objections and develop a solution” without losing the main goal of the product and that is to generate electricity in a renewable manner. Cell towers faced the same “it’s an eyesore” objection and companies sprang up to meet the need for less obtrusive cell towers.

    Whether it works or not, we’d still like to wish good luck to Mr. Fodera and his Queen Wind Turbine. We hope groups like Turbine Unwanted Raptors Daily (TURD) and Not Using Trees for TurnbineS (NUTTS) stay out of your way. Your Queen Wind Turbine may just be too ahead of its time the way your motorized shopping cart was in 1964.

    Applications of Queen Wind Turbine


    Nissan Leaf Aero Concept Car At Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

    Nissan Leaf Aero Concept Car At Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

    I’m still not biting on an EV yet (money and limited range won’t let me) but for those that would be interested in an electric car that looks a little sporty, Nissan is showing its Nissan Leaf Aero concept car at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2011.

    For more info, go to


    Not Quite Jubbling Worthy Third Edition: Potted Plant Helmets, Potty Trained Pigs, Green VS Green, Koch Industries Is Not Jubbling

    Stories that are not quite Jub-Worthy There are stories out there that merit the cycle of agonizing over our thoughts and limited writing abilities for four hours, and others that might be interesting but are just as well represented by a link. Here are those links.

    Treebute To Yogya

  • Potted Plant Helmets Hit the Streets of Indonesia – Maybe this will pass in Indonesia but if I wore one of these plant helmets here in the US, I would probably get my ass kicked and I’d expect no less; eco-message or not.
  • With solar power, it’s Green vs. Green – Solar power is renewable, creates jobs, brings tax revenue to cash starved, isolated towns and now faces opposition from the same groups they thought they were bros with. Sierra Club, Audubon Society and Natural Resources Defense Council step up to object mega solar projects. Reuters
  • Koch Industries Sues Prankster For Saying It Cares About Environment – This is classic. Koch Industries has every reason to be upset that some prankster soiled their questionable environmental record by issuing a fake press release in their name that they “remain committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship.” Personally, if somebody did the same thing to me and stated that I was handsome, romantic and a non-bedwetter, I’d stay quiet and hope that it stuck. Treehugger
  • Taiwan wants pigs potty-trained to curb pollution – Farmer in Taiwan has potty trained his pigs and in turn cut waste runoff by 80%, increased their fertility by 20% and reduced the amount illness with his 10,000 pigs. [No comment] Yahoo! Green

  • Pig In Litterbox


    Jubbling Case Study: Open Letter To Waste Management – Title Sponsor Of The 2011 Phoenix Open

    Phoenix Open Golf Tournament TPC posted an article about Waste Management’s efforts to “green up” this years Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. Last year, Waste Managements first as the title sponsor, they were able to encourage and reclaim 62% of the waste that was created during the week long event. And this year, they’re going even bigger by including BigBelly solar powered trash compactors, using kitchen collected greywater for use in the bathrooms etc. They’ll even have Recycling Ambassadors around the course to answer spectator questions about what is or isn’t recyclable – the one gig I wouldn’t want at this golf tournament.

    Hooray for Waste Management and the 2011 Phoenix Open! What a great way to showcase your expanding waste disposal offerings.

    But as Jubbling goes, I started thinking about this and wondered if I could help. Thinking out loud: “Last years Phoenix Open… 62% of the waste created was reclaimed… this year, you already have BigBelly solar powered trash compactors… I hope that thing floating in the toilet came from the kitchen and was not deposited by me.” And then it hit me – yes, I can help. Please accept this letter and be aware that I expect nothing in return. [Read more…]