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Best Way To Reduce Price Of Gas: Increased Drilling Or Increased Fuel Economy?

What to increase: Offshore oil drilling or fuel efficency in cars?Good posted an article on how increasing the fuel economy of our vehicles would do more to reduce gas prices than would offshore drilling. It’s kind of a pre-reduce idea that is great in theory but would be difficult to mandate. Sheesh, we can’t even phase out 100 watt light bulbs without opposition (thank you South Carolina).

The article is still a good read and makes the point that we should not just focus on trying to increase the supply of oil. Reducing demand may be a more effective method for dealing with rising fuel prices.


IKEA’s Solvinden Line Of Solar Powered Lighting Products

IKEA Solvinden Solar Power Lamps
Checkout IKEA’s new Solvinden line of solar powered lighting products. Kind of a cool gift idea for the kids; a solar powered reading and nightlight that the kids are responsible for recharging. []


Making Fun Of Geely’s Hybrid/Electric McCar And Scooter Combo Is Way Too Easy

Geely Auto McCar
From “Geely McCar comes with an electric scooter for people who hate walking” on

A concept car that seems to have it all… wrong might be the best way to describe Geely’s McCar which recently debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show. It’s supposed to come in two flavors – hybrid or electric – and in either form, the Geely McCar includes a scooter type vehicle that makes it less of a burden to walk to where you are going. Maybe it’s the car for our gentrified population or maybe it’s just so we can be little more lazy. I have a feeling that somewhere out there, somebody would like to get their hands on one of these scooter-sized McCars.


Bikenomics Series On

One blogger in Dallas, Tex. ran the numbers and found that the $500 he would spend on six tanks of $4 gas would quickly subsidize the purchase of a sweet city bike.
Bikenomics on is a great website that matches the top news stories with a little WTF. They currently have a series by Elly Blue on the economics of biking, or Bikenomics, as they encourage two wheels over four. Their latest in the series is How the bicycle economy can help us beat the energy crisis. I have to come clean and first admit that I’ve been slacking on the biking and as always, I hope to make the transition back. As I kick my own ass for not riding more, I still ask other people whether they could bike to work and the response I usually get revolves around convenience. It’s inconvenient to bike to work when part of your job is maintaining an acceptable level of dress and hygiene – especially after a 10 mile rain drenched commute on a bike. Some companies have showers but again, it’s not as convenient as driving.

Check out the series on and see if biking could make more economic sense for you now.


Worm Compost Tower Creates And Delivers Compost Naturally

[youtube width=”425″ height=”238″][/youtube]
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After spending $200+ on my tumbler compost bin, seeing this Macgyver in-garden worm composter brings on a little Jubbling envy. It’s a basic idea and seems like it should work. The video explains it – put your compost solution directly in your garden, in this case a bottom perforated PVC pipe, and create and distribute your compost at the same time. Cut out the middleman, which is you, and put the worms in charge of spreading the compost


Champagne Environmentalist: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Question: Is the net effect of celebrity support in eco causes a positive or do they put off as many people as they attract?

There is a great article on The Guardian’s Green Living Blog, Hypocrisy of champagne environmentalists is deceitful and distracting. Its author, Ed Gillespie, writes about how celebrities and public figures begSting Amazon us to live a more sustainable lifestyle and yet enjoy a lifestyle most of us can only dream of. He offers several examples of eco-celebrities and their extreme consumption.

Jubbling posted an article in May 2010 about the hypocritical nature of Hollywood’s preaching and its reality – Hollywood Love$ Green Message$. How Does It Feel About Jubbling?. Being an eco-celebrity seems to be the 2000’s equivalent to the 1990’s recovering addicts; it gets you in the news. I have a feeling that Eco-Celebrity Rehab is just around the corner.