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Amazon’s Trade-In Store

Amazon Trade-In StoreTaking a bite out of Ebay, Ecoatm and Craigslist, Amazon is now offering its own trade-in program where users can recycle electronics, textbooks, video games and movies. In exchange for your previously loved goods and after reviewing your submission, Amazon will issue a credit to your account that you can use on their website. They’ll even pay for your return shipping. Amazon’s trade-in store is still in beta as they work out the kinks but it makes total sense to return our old cellphones and video games to the place where we probably bought them.


d.light: Making Solar-Powered Lighting Affordable

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d.light S1 Solar Powered Reading LightMost people sh#t a brick when they hear how much it costs for solar-powered anything but d.light is out to make solar more affordable. Their latest offering, the d.light S1, is a solar-powered study lamp that sells for around $10 and works for 4 hours on a full days’ charge. The best feature about d.light is that they’re not marketing their products to the eco-suavé – instead, d.light’s goal is to get their products in use so they don’t apply the “pay-more because we’re green” markup.

It’s great to see a company like d.light opting not to exploit the good intentions of conscientious consumers by demanding a premium price for their sustainable product. Check out their website to see their other offerings including the d.light S250, which sells for $45 and works as a solar-powered lantern and mobile phone charger.


San Francisco To The Yellow Pages – OPT THIS!

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Votes for Opt-inOk, Seattle went halfway with their Yellow Pages opt-out ordinance where you have to ask YP publishers to NOT send you the book you never use. San Francisco went a little further and made it an opt-in thing which is great and makes total sense. Think about it, how many people actually use the book? The few that do can still get the phone book so it goes against the claims of the Yellow Pages Association that an opt-in program restricts commerce. It really only restricts waste.


Growth Plate Light Switch And Outlet Cover Is A Merkin Looking Eco Reminder To Conserve Energy

Growth Plate or Merkin?Inhabitat has a post about Andrew Harmon’s Growth Plates which are designed to encourage you to conserve energy each time you flip a switch or plug a device into an outlet. From

“The lush and green switch forces contact between the living environment and the individual user, encouraging more informed actions.”

Jubbling thinks anything that will help us make better decisions and choose to reduce consumption is a good thing. Hopefully these Growth Plates will do the trick but it’s hard to get past the fact that they look so much like a merkin.


Amazing Swiss Army Apartment In Barcelona

[youtube width=”425″ height=”250″][/youtube]
Christian Schallert’s 258 sq ft apartment is pretty cool and I’m sure his electric bills are too. Just watch the video. Yes, some people have uncomfortably gotten away with 90 sq ft but they probably wouldn’t hesitate to trade places with Christian. I wouldn’t mind living in a place that size but it would have to be modified with added compartments to store kids and wife.

This story was originally posted on and was recently updated to report that Christian has moved out. He’s in a new relationship and chose to move out of his Swiss Army pad because it can only support one and not two. Jubbling thinks he should reconsider his decision.


Google’s Android Driven Home Management Software, Android @ Home, Will Turn Off The Lights (Good Start)

Google Android@HomeGoogle, through a partnership with Lighting Sciences Group, has created an LED light bulb that can be turned off remotely and wirelessly using an app on an Android based phone or tablet. The bulb will be available next year and is the first product using Android @ Home power management technology. Android @ Home should really take off when we can manage devices that constantly draw power and don’t have an easy access on/off switch like microwaves, electric ranges, and also AV equipment and computers in standby mode. It is a little ironic that the first product to work with Google’s Android @ Home specs is an LED light bulb that draws the least amount of power but hey, it’s a good starting point.

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