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Mythbusters: What Is More Jubbling, Motorcycles Or Cars?

Mythbusters - Adam Savage and Jamie HynemanThe latest episode of Mythbusters, Bikes and Bazookas, tackles the issue of what mode of transportation would have less of an environmental impact – motorcycles or cars? Everyone knows that motorcycles are more fuel efficient and require less raw materials to build – but the Mythbusters wanted to find out if they emit more greenhouse gases. The LA Times Greenspace has a nice recap explaining their tests and results. Here’s an excerpt from the LA Times on the Mythbusters “Bikes and Bazookas” episode:

“the motorcycle used 28% less fuel than the comparable decade car and emitted 30% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, but it emitted 416% more hydrocarbons, 3,220% more oxides of nitrogen and 8,065% more carbon monoxide.”

Maybe it’s time to kick the motorcycles out of the HOV lanes…


Scottish Wind Farm Builders, We Have A Solution To Get Donald Trump Off Your Backs.

Donald Trump is choosing to be an arse in Scotland because being a dong in the U.S. was not enough. First, he pushed through his plan to build a 36 hole golf resort just north of Aberdeen on a protected stretch of Scottish coastline and now he’s opposing the installation of an 11-turbine offshore wind farm. In his words they’re “big, ugly structures” and their installation would be “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible.”

The planning application for the wind farm was submitted by Marine Scotland in August 2011 and would be constructed under a joint venture between Vattenwall (utility), Technip (engineering) and the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group.

Now they could fight Trump or they could take our unsolicited advice on how to get his support and complete their wind farm project:

Trump - The Wind Turbine
Donald Trump loves seeing name and I’m sure his people will kick in for the cost of the decal. He’ll move on and you’ll get your clean energy – it’s a win win. Putting “Trump” on the blades would probably be overkill but you should leave that option open [because he loves seeing his name].


Washington And Oregon’s DOT Wishlist: Please Drive More In Less Fuel Efficient Cars

Prius Monster Truck - Jubbling

“Widening roads to solve traffic congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity.”
Frank Kulash, Orlando Fl. Traffic Engineer
(Reposted on “Dude, Where Are My Cars?”)

What is a state government to do when people drive less and they receive less in their coffers from fuel taxes? Oregon and Washington states’ governments are facing this problem right now as fuel consumption and vehicle traffic have been flat for 10+ years. Sightline Institute has an interesting series of articles, “Dude, Where Are My Cars?,” about the problem facing Oregon and Washington as each states’ Department of Transportation (DOT) embark on some ambitious and possibly unnecessary multi-billion dollar road expansion projects. Should states institute tolls to cover the cost of these projects or should they pare down their future road/highway projects to account for the fact that people are driving less?

The fuel taxes seem to be working and people are driving less. Maybe now the Oregon DOT (ODOT) and Washington State DOT (WSDOT) can focus on road maintenance and not expansion and in turn, get used to spending less.

Check out the series on SightlineDaily and read through the comments.


The Oregon Manifest Creative Collaborations – Pushing The Limits Of Utility Bikes

Fuseproject and SyCips Local Bike for Oregon Manifest Collaboration

Local Bike designed by Fuseproject and SyCip Design for Oregon Manifest Collaboration.

Oregon Manifest is a non-profit organization that “exist[s] to celebrate and amplify bike craft, design and innovation.” Besides their Constructor’s Design Challenge for bike builders and student teams, Oregon Manifest also brings together three of the worlds top design firms and pairs them with acclaimed custom bicycle builders to create the ultimate utility bike. It’s called the Oregon Manifest Creative Collaborations and this years’ teams consisted of:

Oregon Manifest believes bikes are vital to making our world a better place and utility bikes are a big push in this direction.

A solution that is available now is the Burley bike trailers. They’re great for carrying groceries or anything you want to tote around via two wheels vs four and they work with just about any bicycle.


How Do You Reduce Emissions From 18-Wheelers? Start With ATDynamics TrailerTail

ATDynamics TrailerTail With Some jubBLINGE-The Environmental Magazine posted an article, Pollution From Freight Transport, about how heavy-duty freight trucks were responsible for 77.8% of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 and how that percentage has continued to grow since 1990. The article also gives examples of what freight companies are doing to curb their pollution and emissions.

ATDynamics TrailerTail Being DeployedWe want to put ATDynamics TrailerTail back out there for consideration; we wrote about this product back in April 2011. The TrailerTail can be installed by 2 people in 1 hour and when the driver deploys it, the TrailerTail is certified to increase fuel efficiency by 6.6% when the truck is traveling at 65 mph. Your fuel savings will allow you to recoup the TrailerTail’s cost [$1500] in 1 year.

It’s truly a Jubbling no-brainer.


Rachel Freire’s Cow Nipple Dress: Disturbing Fashion Statement Or Jubbling?

Cow Nipple Dress by Rachel FreireBrit Rachel Freire’s recent submission to the London Fashion show, the Cow Nipple Dress, is getting the kind of attention you’d expect any cow nipple dress would. According to Ecouterre:

the cow nipple dress has raised the ire of the British public, politicians, and animal-rights groups alike, who have branded it “inappropriate and disturbing,” “absolutely grotesque,” “sickening and repulsive,” and a “runaway freak show,”

The reaction she’s getting almost sounds like Schoolhouse Rocks’ Interjections.

To us, nothing about keeping up with fashion is Jubbling and that’s because fashion shows always have to include words like green and eco-friendly to excuse their events. Rachel Freire obtained her nips from a local tannery that would normally throw them out so in this case, she’s using a normally wasted byproduct in her cow nipple dress. Yes, it’s pretty provocative and we think somebody should give Ms. Freire a hug. But is it Jubbling? The Jubbling tipping point might be if the owner of the dress eventually eats it.