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Marketing The Chevy Volt For The Savings Not For The Greenings

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Great article on Good about Chevy Volt’s marketing message. Rather than surrounding their product with an overly green message, Chevy is pitching the Volt as a money saver for car owners who are just like the rest of us. Volt owners even use the drive-thru. Contrast it with the Prius commercial below.[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]


The Lorax By Dr. Seuss

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]The movie version of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” is scheduled to be released on March 2, 2012. The Lorax is a great story for the kids and carefully rhymes its conservation message. As such, I can only hope that when the movie comes out, the characters from The Lorax don’t end up on a McDonald’s Happy Meal box.


Pousse Créative Wants You To Put A Plant Above Your Pet With The Kokon Kennel

Pousse Créative Kokon KennelIt’s called the Kokon Kennel and from the picture, the cat seems pretty happy in it. But what you can’t see in the image is the pissed off spouse of the person who just shelled out $350 for this well designed and yet extremely unnecessary cat bed with plant on top. I went to Pousse Créative’s* website hoping to find out that these structures were made from recycled diapers or to benefit orphanages but no luck. This is just a plant on an expensive pet bed that can easily be duplicated using a potted fern and a cardboard box. [Inhabitat]

*Pousse Créative is their actual company name and not one we made up.


Tree 1, Man 0. The First Victim Of Nature’s Counterattack?

Man Stuck In Tree - The Orange County RegisterDoesn’t really fit with Jubbling but it’s still interesting. The Orange County Register posted a story about a guy who got stuck in a hollow portion of a tree. His screams for help were what motivated deputies to find his location. The pictures and story are probably what will motivate him to move away and change his name.


Geothermal Power Isn’t As Sexy As Solar Or Wind And That’s Why It May Be The Most Promising

SMU Geothermal Laboratory and
Enhanced Geothermal SystemsGoogle and SMU recently completed a study to more accurately determine how much energy could be generated using geothermal sources under the US. This is SMU’s Geothermal Laboratory’s third study on the availability geothermal and their results are pretty amazing – the geothermal potential under the US is nearly 3 million megawatts, or 10 times the amount of power produced by coal plants today. Even crazier is that the geothermal energy potential under West Virginia is greater than what the state could generate annually from coal.

Geothermal is kind of the Ugly Betty on the renewable energy scene and much like the fullback in football. Never glamorous, it rarely gets the same attention as cool solar or sleek wind turbines. Non-glamorous Iceland has found a way to harness its geothermal resources and they currently get 53% of their primary energy from the hot stuff – when will we? [TPM]

For more information, check out A New Geothermal Map of the United States and A Googol of Heat Beneath Our Feet


Patagonia Is A Bizarro Clothing Retailer

Patagonia Clothing LogoI first heard about Patagonia’s effort to encourage their customers to “buy less” last month and Fast Company posted a great article about their campaign. Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia’s Environment VP, lays it out simply in the article by pointing out:

“humanity currently uses natural resources 1.4 times the rate at which the earth can restore them.”

Key aspects of Patagonia’s push to “buy less” is by offering clothing repair services and encouraging reuse of their products through sales on eBay under their Common Threads Initiative.

Currently, I don’t own any Patagonia clothing but I do think this is an inspiring concept and not a gimmick. Hopefully other clothing stores will follow. I’ve been living by this idea of reusing (but not repairing) my clothing from the early 90′s. Hopefully the grunge look will come back in fashion.