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Brick In A Washer Video

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]This washer is [was] in better shape than mine. But then again, if you can afford it, you can destroy it. Hooray!?!! [Gizmodo]


The Label Popper

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]The Label PopperThe video points out that we recycle 65% of steel cans we use but we don’t normally peel off the labels. Those labels get burned off during the recycling process and that waste amounts to 120 million pounds of paper per year or the equivalent of 1 million trees. For $10, The Label Popper will fix this problem by giving us an easy way to remove the label so it can be recycled separately. (Or you can save yourself the $$$ and stick with a butter knife) [Inhabitat]


Newt Gingrich: All Giddy About His Moon Colony Idea. Saving Planet Earth… Not As Much.

Newt Gingrich on the moon.Let the crazy begin! Newt Gingrich, stumping for votes near Cape Canaveral Florida yesterday, let his space-reliant audience know that he’d like to establish a colony on the moon sometime during his first and second term as US President. Early in his career, he even introduced the “Northwest Ordinance for space” which would allow the moon to qualify for statehood once it reached 13,000 residents. Here’s Newt’s answer as to why he’d like to develop the moon:

I think there are a lot of different things you’d want to learn: How to live in low gravity. How to create certain capabilities that lead beyond the moon. How to develop assets that the moon has. How to do manufacturing in low-gravity environments.

Personally, I wish we’d get things right on this planet before we look to colonize others. So Newt, could you start by renouncing your renouncement of the pro-environment commercial you made with Nancy Pelosi? You and Nancy seemed to be in such agreement on the effects of climate change that I thought you were going to kiss at the end of the video. And for your sequel to 2007’s “A Contract With Earth” that’s coming out after the election? Maybe you should re-add the chapter by Christian climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe that attributes man-made forces as a cause for global warming. The geeky scientist in you knows it’s going on but the politician refuses to let you come out of the closet.

And if you do all of these things, I promise I will consider your somewhat batshit-crazy idea to colonize the moon if you become our President. Otherwise, I’m supporting the idea put forth by Mr. Show with Bob and David 15+ years before you on what we need to do with the moon. [Washington Post][youtube width=”425″ height=”319″][/youtube]


PG Elektrus EV – Inspired By The Lotus Elise Or Was It Toothless From “How To Train Your Dragon”?

How To Train Your Dragon's Toothless and PG Elektrus

Kid Appeal: Did Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon inspire PG's Elektrus EV?

Another electric vehicle, another cartoon character lookalike.
Lotus Elise

Or Lotus Elise?

Berlin based electric vehicle maker PG has just launched their $367,000 Elektrus that has a max speed of 155 mph and an expected range of 215 miles on one charge. Toothless, aka Night Fury, from “How To Train Your Dragon” has a max speed of “very very fast” and an unknown range. So what’s the inspiration: Lotus or Toothless? [Inhabitat]

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The Most Depressing Video We’ll Show You Today – Warming World 1880-2010 From NASA

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Using data compiled by Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA has created a video showing the earth’s warming over the last 130+ years. Suck3. [ via NYTimes]


Fashion And Jubbling

One thing you probably didn’t know about Jubbling is that we have a finger on the pulse of everything not-fashionable. For me personally, there might’ve been a 9 month stretch in the mid-80’s that I was killing it fashion wise but since and currently, I’m a cup and two days of facial hair growth away from looking like a panhandler. What went right for me? Probably the lack of funds helped but mostly, it was a disconnect from people that really cared about being fashionable.

Chanel at Paris Couture WeekSo when I read about Chanel’s runway at the Spring 2012 Paris Couture Week Show that was built to look like an airplane solely for this one show, I was not surprised by the waste and extravagance. Commissioned by their creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, the runway plane has a 164′ extra-wide aisle that is surrounded on both sides by 180 degree swivel seats and was built out of anodized aluminum. From Ecouterre:

No word on the fate of the set when it’s unceremoniously thrown away, as it most undoubtedly will be. This is one flight that will be permanently docked at the scrap heap.

Jubbling’s take: Most people look back at old photos of themselves wearing what they over-paid for in the name of fashion and laugh. Wouldn’t it be better if we could skip the wasteful short-term benefits of being fashionable and just laugh at our old pictures because we’re still wearing the same outfit? [Inhabitat]