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Edible Containers: Drink The Soda And Then Munch On The Bottle?

Learning Resources Classroom Play Food SetAccording to an article on Gizmag, Harvard University’s Wyss Institute is working toward creating packaging that is made out of a “natural food membrane that is held together by electrostatic forces.” They’re goal is to change the current way we package food in plastic throw-away containers by making them out of food and possibly edible. So far, the Wyss Institute team has created packaging out of orange, grape and tomato flavored membranes.

Who knows, if they’re successful, you’re sure to hear parents telling their kids they’re not done until they’ve eaten the box their Lunchables were packaged in. I think that’s a good thing.

Nik-L-Nips Wax Bottles with Flavored JuiceFor inspiration, maybe the Harvard team should look to the old-school wax bottles filled with flavored juice. They’re Nik-L-Nips and they’ve been around for years. As a kid, we’d scum up and combine enough money to buy them so nothing went to waste. I probably still have wax floating around my system thanks to this food stuff because if it didn’t stick to my teeth, it went into my stomach. [Gizmag]


Certified Truffula Tree Friendly

Certified Truffula Tree Friendly - The LoraxThe Lorax will be released this week and who didn’t see this coming? Companies with large bank accounts purchasing the Certified Truffula Tree Friendly seal of approval. But in the case of Mazda buying the seal, I’m not faulting the makers of The Lorax; they have production expenses to recoup.

What I don’t understand is why Mazda would think paying for the Certified Truffula Tree Friendly seal of approval would change the way people perceive their company. I’m sure their cars are fine and get good gas mileage but it’s still a car and most people see right through this marketing attempt because it runs counter to the book version of the story. That’s why I think it all goes back to the original story where the Once-Ler explains to the Lorax why people buy the Thneed:

“I laughed at the Lorax, ‘You poor stupid guy!
You never can tell what some people will buy.'”

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]


Guitar And iPhone Amplifiers Made Out Of Hungry Hungry Hippos Game, Ghostbusters Thermos Etc.

Hungry Hungry Hippos iPhone Speaker

Hungry Hungry Hippos iPhone Speaker

Robert Brenne can turn just about anything into a guitar or iPhone/iPod amplifier. His website, Artistic Amplification,

[youtube width=”225″ height=”169″][/youtube]

is loaded with previous amp projects and current ones that are available for sale. His guitar amplifiers for sale are built into a cigar box, Japaneses vase and a duck sculpture. iPhone/iPod speakers are also available and incorporated into a Super Nintendo console, Jack Daniels tin and a Ghostbusters 2 lunchbox.

Each amplifier produces a unique sound based on what it’s built into. Cool idea that could be big with street musicians. [Wired]


The Giraffe Street Lamp Lets You Swing For Your Lighting

The Giraffe Street LampWell, the Giraffe Street Lamp looks cool even though it may be impractical. It’s a playground inspired idea that captures the energy of swinging and solar to power an LED light. The backyard and park setting photos of the Giraffe Street Lamp in use are good – put it in the bedroom and I think they might have a winner. [Yanko Design via Dvice]


Ok Kids, You Can Have Your LEGOs Back

Parent company of LEGO Group invests in wind power.Kirkbi A/S, the parent company of LEGO Group, is investing $534 million into an offshore wind turbine farm built by DONG Energy off the coast of Germany. Their investment will give them a 32% stake in the operation that will produce 277 megawatts of electricity and qualify LEGO products as WindMade so they can attach the label to their packaging.

Two nice things about this story: LEGO’s are now built [indirectly] by wind power and I get to drop a DONG [Energy] without calling somebody one. [Reuters via Grist]


Oh, The Good Ol’ Days Of Toxic Waste Disposal Before “The Man” Stuck Us With The EPA, Clean Water Act Etc.

The music makes it seem patriotic to dump 30,000 pounds of metallic sodium into a frozen Lake Lenore in Eastern Washington. [mentalfloss]