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NQJW 10th Edition: hyMod Car Is Gas Or Electric, Turn Off Any TV And Pink Slime Is Jubbling

Stories that are not quite Jub-Worthy There are stories out there that merit the cycle of agonizing over our thoughts and limited writing abilities for four hours, and others that might be interesting but are just as well represented by a link. Here are those links.

  • ‘hyMOD’ lets driver swap out either electric or gas engine
    [youtube width=”250″ height=”188″][/youtube]

    Romanian company SCI is working on the hyMod car that can switch between being fully electric or a hybrid vehicle by having its engine swapped out at a designated changing station.

    This seems like another green idea where a company is so focused on figuring out how to do something when they really should be wondering why. [SmartPlanet]

  • How to Make an Energy Efficient Remote to Turn Off Any TV

    “If you don’t like the fact that you can’t sit in a restaurant or bar without being surrounded by televisions, the TV-B-Gone will appeal to you. [TV-B-Gone] lets you turn off any TV you see, without having to ask the bartender and look like the guy or gal who’s spoiling everyone’s fun. The ubiquity of large televisions drives up energy consumption, it promotes materialism and pushes back the day when we all might decide that we own enough stuff.”Alex Davies, Treehugger

    TV-B-GoneHoly nuts… if you follow Mr. Davies advice, the TV-B-Gone would be better known as the Deathwish or Total-Dong device. The DIY remote was developed by Jinseok Jeon and will turn off any TV anywhere.

    Stealthily turning off the TV in a bar for green reasons will never work because it’ll just be turned right back on and you might get your ass handed to you to boot. To see what happens to people when they’re caught turning off the TV among friends, not strangers, watch the video below. [Treehugger][youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]

  • Pink slime in the context of history
    Pink slime?  No!  It's soft-serve beefgurt.Jamie Oliver wants us to hate it and Maggie Koerth-Baker of BoingBoing wants us to appreciate it. Pink Slime, the concoction made of ammoniated animal parts normally discarded, has been taking a beating in the press. Maybe because it has been added to our ground meat without our knowledge for so long or maybe it’s the parts of the animal (rectal tissue?) used that make us want to gag.

    Either way, Jubbling’s with Maggie Koerth-Baker on this. If you’re going to process an animal, might as well use it all but definitely label it. [BoingBoing]

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    With Pfandring, Bottles Avoid The Trash And Queue Up Waiting To Be Refunded Or Recycled

    [youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]It’s the Pfandring by Paul Ketz and what a brilliant way to separate recyclable and/or refundable bottles from normal trash. [Gizmodo]


    NASCAR Transtioning To Green? NASCAR Going Less Brown Might Be More Accurate.

    NASCAR is Going Green?  More like Less Brown.I’m kind of a cynic when it comes to the whole we’re going green nonsense. It’s a phrase that is too easily handed out like medals are to a military dictator. That’s why the article in the LA Time’s Greenspace, “NASCAR speeds transition to green,” kind of hit me the wrong way. Yes, NASCAR is doing this and doing that to lessen their environmental impact and as per the first commandment of Jubbling, we need to recognize their efforts as a positive. They’re going a better way and we’d like to see them do more of it.

    But, and it’s a huge BUT, NASCAR and every other professional sports league is not about consuming less. They’re the opposite; they want you to eat and drink their sponsor’s products while being all swaddled up in your favorite team’s gear. I don’t hate NASCAR for pushing the consumption but just don’t insult us by calling the recent actions green or greened or greening up or going green; less brown is a better way to describe their efforts and for that, they should give themselves a cool medal.


    Jubbling Break: All Holes Filled Landscaping Video

    Is it too much to ask your landscaper to fill in their holes? All Holes Filled Landscaping and Lou Maxwell to the rescue. Sure it’s probably bogus but enjoy this Jubbling video break. [Buzzfeed] [youtube width=”425″ height=”319″][/youtube]


    It’s Fashion Week In Tokyo!

    Jubbling refuses to miss a fashion week. There’s something so right about telling people the clothes they bought last year is so last year. That’s why I decided to step up and help fashion buyers worldwide by narrowing down their search for the hot items from 2012/2013’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Here are my picks:

    Jubbling's picks from Fashion Week TokyoCarol Burnett Gone With The Wind skit

    1. This outfit respectfully pays homage to the classic Carol Burnett Show’s “Gone With The Wind” skit. Note: The CBS and GWTW are still hip with the fashion conscious.
    2. The Birdcage is kind of a human contact chastity outfit. It prevents the fashionable from having their personal space violated by the unfashionable.
    3. Big Bird’s Green Beakless Sister makes a statement about pet ownership and animal cruelty.

    4. Fashion Week Tokyo

    5. Pillow Monster is all about sleeping comfortably just about anywhere without infringing on the wearer’s ability to relieve themselves.
    6. Angry Birds the Outfit comes with a crotch-mounted slingshot and also stays mindful of the fashionable’s desire to quickly take care of potty business.
    7. Old West Dressed is going to find favor with young women and men. Women who like the old west and men who like dresses.

    So get on it because these outfits are can’t miss winners! And one last tip for buyers: be sure to purchase in small quantities so you can keep the negotiating upper hand with designers.


    Kids Today Are Not That Motivated… To Own A Car Or Get A Driver’s License

    Kids Don't Care To Drive Or Get Their LicenseThe NY Times and Sightline posted refreshing articles about a drive less trend with teenagers. The NY Times story covered how kids today are not only less interested in driving but even fewer are bothering to get their license; only 46% did in 2008 versus 64% in 1998. And Sightline went further by explaining how driving as a whole fell by 2% in 2011.

    It’s gotten so bad that General Motors / Chevrolet has turned to MTV Scratch, a division of Viacom, to help improve their image with the around 20 crowd who’d rather social media than drive. The high price of gasoline and environmental concerns are other reasons why the kids aren’t driving and GM wants to reverse the pattern.

    For Jubbling, the idea of public service extends beyond non-profits and we’d like to help General Motors and their Chevrolet line of vehicles by offering some FREE suggestions on marketing to the kids. Inspired by the programming on MTV, we’ve thrown together a couple ideas to improve the image of Chevy vehicles with the youth in this country:

    Ride The “Sitch” Chevy Camaro
    The Situation Camaro
    This is a winner and solid gold with the young ladies. The “Ride The Sitch” Chevy Camaro will not only have the Situation’s mug on the driver’s door, but it should also have an air-brushed photo of his abs on the hood too.

    16 and Pregnant Chevy Tahoe
    Chevy Tahoe - 16 And Pregnant Edition
    The Chevy Tahoe Sixteen and Pregnant edition can’t miss. It’s decorated with mugshots of past cast members and includes a suggestive, and yet classy, message offering to help people join the tv show.

    GM is bound to get results with these complimentary marketing ideas from Jubbling. No, we’re not trying to chase their potential market away from these vehicles with poor fuel economy numbers. The Generation Z kids like to think for themselves and the repellant marketing approach is the most effective way to reach them. Good luck!