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DIY Scrap Wood iPhone Stand, Meet The iDuplo Stand

DIY scrap wood iPhone standKate Pruitt’s iPhone stand on Design Sponge is about as minimal as you can get. Built out of scrap wood, the Jubblinged up stand takes about 15 minutes to build and costs next to nothing. Any search on iPhone stands and you’ll get prices ranging from a basic model for $5.00 all the way up to $30,000 for the iNuke dock/speaker that is the size of a small car.

Kate’s stand is perfectly uncomplicated and best of all, it inspired me to build an iPhone stand of my own. I’ve been using the sticky bottom of a remote control and some ABC gum to prop my iPhone and it’s not the best solution. iDuplo iPhone Stand So I raided the kids toy box and 2 minutes later, Voilà – iDuplo iPhone stand. Duplos, which are Legos chunkier cousin, are easy to build with and the stand I created works. I’m still waiting for my Sonastand but until it arrives, iDuplo iPhone stand is perfect. [Design Sponge via Treehugger]


Had To Put The Chicken Chair On Jubbling Before Everyone Else.

“I like eating chickens, but I also like for people to be aware of how they live and the consequences of the little decisions they give for granted everyday. I would like people to see a chicken again in their daily life, to find it both uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time.”Sebastian Errazuriz

Hmmm, how to make it fit on Jubbling… maybe a “Chicken Chair” in every house will encourage, or guilt, people into working down the food chain and eat less meat. Or maybe it’s best used as a punishment for calling me an eco-hipster – “get connected with your food and give me 15 minutes on the chicken chair.” Wait, that would be eco-hipsterish of me. [core77]


Thank You Toyota Prius: My Kids Now Think I’m A Hypermiling, Eco-Hipster.

Hybrid Driving Lessons Toyota PriusBefore I go any further, I want to point out that I’ve been called much worse than a hypermiling, eco-hipster. Even when it comes from my kids, the name doesn’t bother me. That’s because I know the problem is with the Prius. The car pushes me each time I drive it to improve my driving technique by informing me of my MPGs at the end of each trip. Stepping on the gas too firmly and I activate the gas engine; ease into motion and I can stay electric.

Another thing I know is that the name calling will not be limited to inside our car – it’s sure to come from outside too. The Prius is kind of a lightning rod vehicle that is viewed with the same, but bizarro, contempt as the Hummer. The South Park episode, Smug Alert, is a perfect example and pokes fun at self-righteous Prius/hybrid drivers. And as much as I tell people “I’m not one of them,” it’s still guilt by ownership.

So kids, keep working on new material. I’ve got thick skin. I promise not to embarrass you by holding up traffic but I am still more apt to drive like a retiree than a teen. By the way: calling me a “hipster” anything only encourages me.


“If I Wanted America To Fail” Video

Even if you don’t agree with the message in this video by Free Market America, it’s still important to watch. And when you’re done, think of this quote:

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

No matter which side turns out to be right on the issues pointed out in the video, isn’t it best to error for the benefit of future generations? [Grist]


Seattle Is Joining The Cool Kids By Creating A Rooftop Garden On A Parking Garage

Garage rooftop gardenIf you have a glut of parking spaces in your city, why not turn them into gardens? The City of Seattle is following the lead of New York and Chicago by adding a rooftop garden to a parking garage. Seattle has approximately 23 acres of P-Patch gardens in open spaces throughout the city but the parking garage rooftop, community garden will be its first.

Rooftop gardens make sense on many levels and putting them on a seldom used parking garage is a double win. Not only do they bring fresh, low-mileage produce to the city but they also help keep urban areas cooler, mitigate runoff and look better than the alternative – empty parking spaces. Hopefully this is just the beginning. [Seattle Times]


999Bottles Stainless-Steel, Reusable Water Bottle Tracks How Many Plastic Ones You DIDN’T Consume

999Bottles Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Artefact GroupSome people feel the need to track and broadcast their eco-friendly acts. A big part of Jubbling is not keeping score and that’s why at first glance, products like 999Bottles by Artefact Group don’t move us much. It looks like a well-designed, stainless-steel water bottle but what makes it different is the dial on its base for tracking how many times you’ve refilled your 999Bottles and avoided bottled water. And once you’ve hit certain numbers, you can check the 999Bottles’ app to put into context what you didn’t consume.

Without the counter, 999Bottles would just be another stainless, reusable water bottle in a crowded market. With the counter, it’s just a “more expensive” water bottle in a crowded market. Now I don’t want to see their idea fail but at the same time, it’s hard to find value in tracking how much bottled water I DIDN’T consume. I avoid paying for water and I’ll drink water out of a gas station sink before I’ll purchase the bottled stuff. Still, tracking it seems unnecessary.

Of course, everyone is motivated differently and hopefully 999Bottles will be a hit with consumers. Their goal to get people to consume less bottled water is a good one and I hope they’re successful. If you’d like to pledge, 999Bottles is on KickStarter and they’re deadline to raise $99,999 is June 22, 2012. [Gizmag]