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Eco-Friendly Wooden Wallets Are Back Pocket Unfriendly.

Wood Wallet by PROOF
Gizmodo posted an article, “Wooden Wallets, WTF?,” that is short and sweet. When and why did expensive wooden wallets become so eco-chic and who, other than George Costanza, would carry around a couple slabs of balsa in their back pocket?

Jubbling decided to reach out to their overseas dev-team [writer embellishment] to create an alternative and end this recycled / renewable trend. After 2 months of wind tunnel and back pocket testing, we discovered the solution was actually holding the final report together. [Gizmodo]

Paper clip


Went With The All-Natural Brand Of Snack Chips. Discovered “Healthy” Also Refers To Amount Of Slack Fill.

All-Natural Slack Fill
Well, I did the right thing finally by choosing the healthier and slightly more expensive snack chips. Got home, opened them and discovered that slack fill isn’t exclusive to the big food conglomerates. Even with all the empty space in the bag, 3/4 of the chips were still broken. Sorry slack fill; you didn’t accomplish one of your purported jobs.

They were tasty but there’s nothing awesome about eating chips out of a bowl with a spoon.


Bi-Weekly Garbage Pickup May Be The Key To Reduce Waste And Drive Up Recycling Rates

Waste Management in Portland.Great article in the NY Times, “Cities Get So Close to Recycling Ideal, They Can Smell It,” about the success of waste handling programs in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. What stood out most was the City of Portland’s switch to bi-weekly garbage pickups and how it has increased recycling rates. Yes, more people are putting their garbage in the recycle bin because they produce trash beyond the twice-a-month pickup. But overall, 44% less waste is being deposited in the landfill thanks to the program.

Sanford and Son Salvage TruckThe bi-weekly trash pickup is a simple solution that’ll definitely motivate people to recycle more. We tried to get that type of garbage service where we live and it’s just not available. So now, about once a month, I load up my car with one 32 gallon trash can and head to the dump. It’s my stinky, flying-bug infested, Sanford & Son’ish monthly date with the dump that is propelled by cheap and guided by Jubbling. [NY Times]


The Emerald Ace: (Sort Of) Prius’ing Up The Shipping Industry

The Emerald Ace - Mitsui O.S.K. LinesThe Emerald Ace is a 199m x 36m cargo ship that when fully loaded, can carry up to 6,400 cars and travel at 20 knots. All of these specs are pretty standard for cargo ships but what separates the Emerald Ace from the others is that it’s a hybrid engine running, solar power generating, treehugger of a ship. Built by the Mitsui OSK Lines shipping company, the Emerald Ace has a 160kW solar generation system and its lithium-ion batteries, that also act as ballast for the ship, can store 2.2MWh of electricity. It runs off diesel power while out to sea and then is powered by solar-charged batteries during the berthing process and while in port, producing zero-emissions.

Until I read about the Emerald Ace, I never thought about the big cargo, cruise and container ships running their massive diesel engines while docked but they have to in order to keep the lights on. It’s estimated that one large container ship annually outputs the emissions equal to 50 million cars because they run on low-grade diesel, bunker fuel. While in port, closer to cities, it’s estimated that idling cargo ship emissions produce the pollution equivalent of 12,000 cars. Getting that number to zero is good goal.

So thank you Emerald Ace for being a treehugging, hippy-dippy cargo ship that will hopefully become the norm in the shipping industry. Running off batteries during the berthing process and while docked is a start and I hope you get a big bumper sticker proclaiming “I Produce Zero-Emissions (while in port) that’ll make you the envy of other cargo ships. Every bit counts. [Gizmodo]


Jubbling + ABC’s Wipeout + Kid Birthday Party = Inexpensive, Fun And Memorable Celebration

The Chunnel:  Lawn chairs with torn slip-n-slide on top.

The Chunnel: Lawn chairs with torn slip-n-slide on top.

My just-turned 9 year old son absolutely loves the ABC TV show Wipeout. He loves it so much that he will setup an obstacle course around our house and completing it is the last thing he’ll do before he goes to bed.

As the birthday party planner, I would normally go the “lets see a summer movie for your party” route because it’s easy to plan, lasts 2+ hours and I can sleep through it. This year, my kid wanted a Wipeout party and mom insisted we make it happen.

Wipeout Big BallsThinking about the details and the idea of corralling and keeping 7+ plus kids interested kept me awake the night before the party. How do you duplicate the Big Balls from the TV show? Then I realized that we just need keep it simple and we could reuse items we already own to create the course. So we thought of the things kids like to do/not do and we went through our house and yard looking for stuff to build the obstacle course.

The first obstacle was the dress up station where the kids had to put on a Farrah Fawcett wig, Army coat, pink-studded belt [all from our Halloween costume box and not my closet] and then do the hula hoop.

The grass is hot lava obstacle.

The grass is hot lava obstacle.

The next was the hula hoop (instead of tires) course that the kids had to run through, hop back and then run through again. The kids then had to traverse the rope crossing and not touch the grass – our poor man’s Big Balls. Four more obstacles completed the course.

After cake and presents, we had the kids run through it one more time and we added the water factor to complicate the course. Each race was timed and at the end, we gave small prizes to the winners. Total investment: about $25. We could’ve done it for nothing but we’re beginners as Wipeout party planners.

So if you’re planning a party soon, remember to keep it simple, accept help and try to reuse stuff you already own. It’ll Jubblingly keep the cost down and won’t affect the fun. And if possible, limit the party to 2 hours. Sub 10-year old boys can only keep it together for about that long before they start hurting each other.


Jubbling Or Not? The World Russian Egg Roulette Championship

Is The World Russian Egg Roulette Championship Jubbling or not? Yes, but only if it’s followed up by an egg salad sandwich eating competition. My money would be on Kobayashi. [Laughing Squid]