Archives for July 2012 And Coca-Cola Partner On Ekocycle To Sell Overpriced Shit Made From Recycled Plastic. teams up with Coca-Cola to create Ekocycle

“Ah-ha-ha. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Good night.”
Johnny Rotten, Jon 14, 1978
Sex Pistol’s final concert

Johnny Rotten was well aware that he and his Sex Pistol bandmates had let their audience down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ekocycle proudly used some of Mr. Rotten’s quote in their mission statement.

Ekocycle is a partnership between and Coca-Cola and their goal is to bring some “cool” to recycled products and the overall green movement. What better way to start cooling green up than by incorporating some recycled plastic into the Beats brand headphones and then sell them for a cool $349. How’s that for cool? Save the environment by dropping an over-priced $349 for a set of already over-priced headphones.

I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall in the big Ekcocycle / / Coke meeting when they laughed at all the jackasses who might buy their green message and headphones. Do you think honestly gives a rat’s ass about the environment or is it all about the green he’s going to make? For goodness sake, he arrived at a meeting on climate change in a helicopter.

When I started working on Jubbling, I truly believed that businesses would consume less because it made fiscal sense and there are many examples of companies that have reduced and saved. But Ekocycle is different. It was created to exploit the market and the trends associated with all things green and they’re not good at hiding it.
Coca-Cola and You - EkocycleSo to the people who care about the planet and want to consume less – please do not buy these freaking crazy-expensive headphones. and Coca Cola are dead wrong for thinking that we’re too stupid to see their true motives. Ekocycle is all about the green that’ll go into their bank accounts and not the green they want us to believe. [Huffington Post]


When Going Green Made People Feel Green: The Eco Dry Toilets That Stunk.

Waterless Eco-Toilet from SEI ( has had a little eco-reflux lately. That’s why stories like the one about the Daxing Ecological Community stand out. It was built in the mid-2000’s and one of the featured ideas implemented in this drought plagued community was a waterless eco-toilet designed by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

The way the eco-toilet worked was targeted weewee would go down one drain and the solid stuff would be caught, saw-dusted and flipped down another drain into a holding tank in the basement. The tank would be emptied 2 or 3 times per month and the collected poo-business could be turned into fertilizer. In theory, the waterless eco-toilet sounded like a great idea.

But the problems with the toilets were almost immediate. Residents were overwhelmed with an ammonia smell that their bathroom fans couldn’t expel fast enough. And the smell from the unsealed poo-poo holding tanks in the basement raised the stink level to a point that some refused to eat in their apartments – they ate meals on their balcony. 15% of the households also reported gynecological problems stemming from the dispersal of sawdust.

SEI sent in experts who called the builders “irresponsible” and sealed the holding tanks and made improvements to the fans. But these were temporary fixes and the residents were still not happy until flushing toilets were installed in 2009.

Rarely would I be asked or able to offer my expert opinion on any topic but I could’ve helped the Daxing Ecological Community on this one. In 1976, my family stayed at an eco mini-community in the countryside of Japan. It was designed around sustainability and one of its flagship ideas was waterless toilets that used natural gas to incinerate solids. The smell of fried dookie wafted through our cabin and it’s an odor you smell once and never forget. For us kids, crap-cooking was at first kind of neat. But by day three, the novelty had worn off and we were all anxious to get out of there.

So idea people, please don’t mess with the toilet much. There are so many other ways to reduce water use – eco’ing up the toilet should probably be last on the list. [Guardian]


Cosmetic Surgery For Your Vain, Drought-Brown Lawn: Paint It Green.

Painting grass green.Giving the finger to nature, Terri L. of Staten Island NY recently paid $125 to have her lawn greened-up with a green grass dye. Now the envy of her neighbors, the proud faux-green lawn owner is referring neighbors to the service. Spray-on grass greening products and services have been around for years and primarily used on golf courses. Now, as the effects of the drought has hit a large portion of the US, this nature face-smack of a service is finding a residential home. Let the crazy begin continue. [Business Insider via CDCW]


Dear Seattle, The Garbage Strike Is Good News And An Excellent Time To Start Jubbling.

Waste Management strike in SeattleJubbling is the only team I’m rooting for during the Waste Management garbage strike in Seattle. Those affected by the strike, please think about what you purchase and what you throw out and get to know your local transfer station (dump). It’s an easy work around and being forced to cut back on your garbage in these conditions will help you reduce what you throw out in the future. Maybe after the strike, Seattle’s residents will be ready for the same bi-weekly that Portland has

So citizens of Seattle, please look at the bright side because this is your chance to consume less and reduce what you throw out. It’s less about a garbage strike and more about some good Jubbling.


The 2 Ingredient Cookie Taste Test

2 Ingredient Cookie TestYesterday, we posted an article about the 2 Ingredient Cookie recipe from The Burlap Bag. The two ingredients are bananas and oats and the recipe is so close to foolproof, I had to make some and test them out on three cookie experts. So I made a batch and in an effort to suck-up to the judges, mixed-in some chocolate chips. Here are the results:

  1. Kid A: Too chewy. I can’t eat the whole thing.
  2. Kid B: It’s not bad. I could eat more but just not now.
  3. Kid C: Don’t like bananas. Not going to try it. (my l’il commie)

Personally, I loved the 2 Ingredient Cookies and I could even do without the chocolate chips. It’s a great, “on-the-go” and healthy snack you can stuff in your pocket as you’re leaving the house. Skip the Snickers/Granola/PowerBar and give the 2 Ingredient Cookies a shot. I may try this recipe with applesauce next time and see how it goes. You’ll be the first to hear about my success or failure.


Jubbling Bowl: The Perfect Tortilla Maker VS Bottom-Side Of A Muffin Pan

This commercial drives my kids nuts! They’re not big fans of mixing up different foods or partial to eating out of a baked tortilla. But the Perfect Tortilla™ infomercial presents their product in such a “gotta-have it” way that it could end up on my kid’s birthday and Christmas list. It sells for $18 shipped and includes 4 Perfect Tortilla makers, some other crud and there is no way in hell I’m going to buy it.

Fortunately for my kids, there is a more Jubbified way of making tortilla bowls and you probably already own everything you’ll need.
Perfect Tortilla vs Muffin Pan Bottomside
It’s the bottom side of a muffin pan. The idea was originally posted February 2012 in the Emily Bites blog. Here’s how you do it:

Sprinkle each tortilla lightly with water and stack them on a plate. Cover the top with another plate turned upside down and microwave the tortillas for 1 minute or until warm. Mist each side of a tortilla lightly with cooking spray and center it in the space between 4 muffin cups, creating a bowl. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees.

Save some $$$ and consume less by using the bottom side of a muffin pan instead of purchasing the Perfect Tortilla kit. It’ll be your mini-MacGyver moment that only you will understand and appreciate. [LifeHacker via Consumerist]