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The Comment On That Motivated Us To Take A Few Days Off.

Jubbling Comment HOF
Comments like this would push anyone to take a couple days off. Also, it’s the last full week the kiddos are out of school. Be back soon!


The Segwaying, iPad Controlled ‘Double’ From Double Robotics Is Another MUSTN’T Have Product.

Ok, I get the idea that some important people want to be in two places at once but going the Double route probably isn’t the solution. The Double is a $1999 Segway’ish rolling-around iPad mounted robot that allows the user to feign a presence when they are not present. Double Robotic's Double It’s managed by a second iPad (sold separately) and according to Double Robotic’s website , it could be used in offices, remote manufacturing facilities, museums, hospitals, homes and on college campuses.

Yes, the Double will allow users to avoid flights (Jubbling?) and be creepily around but the product is wasteful and unnecessary. From the video, the Double is seen attending meetings and motoring through a product development area. My guess is that nothing will fast-track alienation and team deconstructing like sending your Double through the remote office to see how your team is performing. Its watchful eye will more than likely create more problems than it’ll solve.

Stick with Skype, save $2,000 and avoid the creep factor by not investing in your Double. [Geekosystem]


Freewheelin Pedal Buses Will Be At The Democratic And Republican National Conventions.

Freewheelin 2012 Pedal-Powered BusesIt’s nice to hear that for the second time, the US’s two main political parties can agree on something. The Republican (Tampa, FL Aug 26-30) and Democratic (Charlotte, NC Sep 2-6) National Conventions will have the pedal-powered Freewheelin buses free to use between popular in-city destinations. Supplied by Humana, the 20 Freewheelin pedi-buses can accommodate up to 8 riders (+ driver) and are part of the health insurance company’s efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles and social interaction. The two plus days between conventions will be nice and will give Humana an opportunity to re-calibrate and adjust their pedal-powered buses that may “lean to the right” after the Republicans. [Inhabitat]


Adding Edible Eyes To Fruits And Vegetables May Be One More Reason Kids Won’t Eat Them.

Edible Eyes from Suck UKRight now, my 9-year old is going through the Toy Story phase where every stuffed animal, rock and chunk of scrap wood is real and has a life. Getting him to part with Rocky VI (pet rock) and Woody XI (beach wood) is always a struggle. That’s why I probably won’t buy any Edible Eyes stick-on sugar eyes that you can put on fruits and vegetables to give them a happy face. Edible Eyes packageDon’t get me wrong, Suck UK (great name) has come up with a neat product and their intentions are good – edible stickers that give fruits and veggies a little character and friendly personality.

Edible eyes, in a normal household, would encourage kids to work down the food chain and make eating fruits and veggies more fun. But it wouldn’t work in our house and the results wouldn’t be pretty. I foresee 10+ smiling-eyed, uneaten, bruised and shriveled “Fruities” sitting on a shelf or by a bed like a favorite stuffed animal. Sorry Edible Eyes – great idea but we’re going to have to pass. [Laughing Squid]


Middle Tennessee State Creates $3000 Plug-In Hybrid Retrofit That’ll Work On Most Cars.

This reminds us of the Protean Drive™ System which would allow automakers to more easily manufacture and convert an existing car model into a hybrid vehicle. But the major difference with the system developed by Dr. Charles Perry and his team at Middle Tennessee State is that the plug-in hybrid functionality can be added to an existing vehicle. In their test, they used a 1994 Honda Accord station wagon. It’s a $3000 retrofit that could improve gas mileage by 50 – 100% and is aimed at “around town” drivers who only need to travel 35 miles or less. [Wired]


iRobot’s Updated Gutter Cleaning Looj 330 Is Our MUSTN’T Have Product Of The Week.

iRobot Looj 330 Remote Controlled Gutter Cleaner

“I’ve cleaned gutters, I know gutters, dirty gutters are NO friend of mine. Looj 330, you are no gutter cleaner.”

The makers of the Roomba self-guided vacuum from iRobot, have released a new version of their $299 gutter cleaning Looj 330. The updated Looj 330 utilizes blades and brushes that spin at 500 RPM and can operate in up to 8 inches of water. It’s even smart enough to sense the amount of debris and adjust its cleaning ability. The goal of the Looj 330 is to make it safer to empty your gutters.

Here comes the big question: Why would anyone buy this? I partially get the safety aspect but in my role as resident gutter cleaner, there’s no way the Looj 330 is going to shake out the collected wet leaves, pine needles and who-knows-what else in our gutters. More than likely, I would end up spending as much time at roof height freeing up the Looj 330 as I would just hand emptying my gutters.

Even in perfect conditions, cleaning up what 500 RPM spinning brushes sends flying out of a gutter would make using the Looj 330 more impractical. You might as well empty your gutters old-school, by hand, and save yourself from having to cleanup the scattered Looj-spooj.

The $299 Looj 330 is wasteful and unnecessary. That’s why we’re making it the premier product on our Jubbling Un-Shopping List.