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Movoto Blog’s Animal House Calculates How Many Pets / People It Takes To Power Your House.

Power Your Home With Pets
Who hasn’t thought about putting their lazy pets or mooching relatives to work generating electricity? Well now there’s a way to find out how many of your slothful coinhabitants are needed to produce the electricity that will power your home. [Read more…]


Hurricane Sandy.

What a mess! Trying to figure out how much climate change and warming oceans contributed to the Hurricane Sandy is being determined by the experts. Right now, we’re just focusing on whether the shark in this New Jersey front yard is real or Photoshop.
Hurricane Sandy and the Shark in the New Jersey front yard.  Real or really fake?
Wait and second, is that a “GTL” on his left pectoral fin?Front yard shark in New Jersey.
If you’re able, please make a donation to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. [WBTW]


$1300 iRock Electricity Generating Rocking Chair: Nothing Better Than Making Grandma Charge Your iDevice.

iRock Rocking Chair iPad RechargerThe iRock developed by Micasa Lab is a rocking chair that uses its own rocking motion to generate renewable power. Rocking in the iRock for 60 minutes will charge an iPad 3 up to 35%. The iRock has built-in speakers so you can rock out as you rock out and it’s expected to sell for $1300. In other words, it’ll sell for $1250 more than I’d want to spend on a rocking chair. [Core77]


Fanny Adam’s ‘Story’ Sofa Replaces Bed, Desk, Dresser And Dining Table. Ms. Adam: I Think We Have A Playdate Opportunity.

Story Sofa from Fanny AdamMultipurpose furniture is the key to making tiny houses work. Designed for a college project by Fanny Adam, “Story” is a sofa prototype that can work as a bed, dresser, desk and dining table. It’s kind of a Swiss-Army couch that would be ideal for smaller living spaces.

Which brings me to the playdate idea. We need to set something up between college bound tiny house builder Austin Hay and design school student Fanny Adam. This is about as close to a Reese’s moment and you’ll ever get: one builds the tiny house and the other designs the transformable furniture for it. Somebody make this happen! [Gizmodo and faircompanies]


So What Is SUPERGRAU’s KLOEZZE: Firewood For The 1% Or Jumbo Lincoln Logs… For The 1%?

SUPERGRAU's KLOEZZE  Designer FirewoodCore77 posted a hard-to-believe article about KLOEZZE designer firewood from German design firm SUPERGRAU. A KLOEZZE six-pack includes 3 pine, 2 oak and 1 cherry piece of designer firewood and sells for around $225. SUPERGRAU encourages potential customers to play with their KLOEZZE’s by stacking and sitting on them before setting them ablaze.

Roadside firewood sales.I’m sure KLOEZZE designer firewood burns like a champ but what I’d miss with it, besides the $225 I spent, would be the opportunity to negotiate and get a legitimate cord of wood from the roadside wood salesman and I’d miss the threat of spiders. If SUPERGRAU could figure out a way to introduce both of these features into the KLOEZZE experience, they might have another customer. Until then, I’m sticking with old-school.

SUPERGRAU KLOEZZE 6-packIf you get a chance, visit SUPERGRAU’s website. In my lifetime, I never thought I’d see an image of firewood sharing space with a magazine opened to a picture of a naked ass. At least I can check that off the bucket list… and now add it to my unbucket list. [Core77]


‘Eco-Friendly And Stylish’ Areaware Wood Flashlight. (Hint: Eco-Friendly and Stylish = Expensive)

Areawear Wood FlashlightGreat looking but you’ll pay through the nose for this $49 Areaware Wood Flashlight. It’s described as “eco-friendly and stylish” but when you think about flashlights and how they are mishandled, bright and durable are probably words you want to describe your flashlight. Not a good idea to invest $49 on a eco-stylish, eco-suavé wooden flashlight. [Gizmodo]