BBC One’s Africa Series Exaggerates Climate Change: 35 Years To Increase Temps By 3.5C – Not 20.

BBC One's Africa series.Here’s what narrator and presenter Sir David Attenborough states in the BBC One’s Africa series:

“Africa’s climate is certainly changing. Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years.”

Well it turns out the numbers they used could not be substantiated and overestimate the effects of climate change in that part of Africa. Since the 3.5C in 20 claim was disputable, the BBC has pulled the comment from the series.

It’s great that the BBC made the correction but I’m still wondering why they would risk their credibility and go with 20 years versus 35. Stating that temperatures in parts of Africa have increased by 3.5C over 35 years is still powerful. Exaggerating – that the realm of deniers. [Guardian]