999Bottles Stainless-Steel, Reusable Water Bottle Tracks How Many Plastic Ones You DIDN’T Consume

999Bottles Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Artefact GroupSome people feel the need to track and broadcast their eco-friendly acts. A big part of Jubbling is not keeping score and that’s why at first glance, products like 999Bottles by Artefact Group don’t move us much. It looks like a well-designed, stainless-steel water bottle but what makes it different is the dial on its base for tracking how many times you’ve refilled your 999Bottles and avoided bottled water. And once you’ve hit certain numbers, you can check the 999Bottles’ app to put into context what you didn’t consume.

Without the counter, 999Bottles would just be another stainless, reusable water bottle in a crowded market. With the counter, it’s just a “more expensive” water bottle in a crowded market. Now I don’t want to see their idea fail but at the same time, it’s hard to find value in tracking how much bottled water I DIDN’T consume. I avoid paying for water and I’ll drink water out of a gas station sink before I’ll purchase the bottled stuff. Still, tracking it seems unnecessary.

Of course, everyone is motivated differently and hopefully 999Bottles will be a hit with consumers. Their goal to get people to consume less bottled water is a good one and I hope they’re successful. If you’d like to pledge, 999Bottles is on KickStarter and they’re deadline to raise $99,999 is June 22, 2012. [Gizmag]



  1. Hi Jubbling,

    Your commentary is very thoughtful. Yet studies show again and again that seeing the impact of your behavior actually helps you stick with that behavior. That is why counting steps helps you achieve a fitness goal, or counting points when you eat certain foods, makes it more likely to stick with the diet. Some people would not need 999Bottle to do the right thing. Others will find the counting and the app motivational as convenience makes them reach for their wallets to buy a plastic bottle. This was the reasoning behind our design.