AllEarth Renewable’s REWIRE Program Inspires Employees To Consume Less

AllEarth RenewablesGreat story from, “Carbon Taxing Your Own Employees To Improve Their Energy Use,” about AllEarth Renewables’ effort to motivate employees to reduce the amount of energy they consume.

How it works
At the start of the year, AllEarth Renewables gives each employee $6,000 to cover their annual driving, electricity and heating costs. Whatever they consume over that amount, they have to return to the company. The program was implemented at the start of 2012 and AllEarth Renewables’ Public Affair’s Manager, Andrew Savage, hopes it’s an idea that will be copied by other companies. From the start, employees worked together to develop ideas on how to cutback their personal energy consumption. The program was so effective, it even changed one employee’s car buying decision to a more fuel efficient diesel vehicle.

In addition to cutting back how much energy co-workers consume, probably the best feature of AllEarth Renewable’s REWIRE program is that it’s a great morale builder. Staff members working together and motivating each other to consume less electricity. If we gave out Jubbys, AllEarth Renewables would be our first recipient. [FastCo.Exist]