British Gas Energy Study Reveals UK Companies Consume Nearly 1/2 Their Power After Business Hours

Old-School Server RoomHard to imagine but according to a report from British Gas, businesses in the UK consume 46% of their electricity outside of normal business hours (6pm – 8am). The data was collected from 6,000 smart meters across a diverse group of businesses. Examples of where the after-hours/weekend wasted power consumption went included parking lot lights, shop display lights and office vending machines. In response to the study, British Gas is starting a Business Energy Insight program to help companies track when and where their power is being consumed and how to become more energy efficient.

Still amazed by numbers from British Gas but it’s probably nice for the participating businesses to take on the challenge of cutting back their off hour power consumption. It would be great to hear about a follow up story on how they reduced their power consumption and the ways they consumed less. [Yale360]