Climate Change Is A Long Term Trend And Not A Reflection Of This Week’s Weather Forecast.

Global surface temperature warming trends.Sticking your head out the window in January and feeling the cold is not the way to determine if climate change is real or not. Climate change and global warming can not be measured in a week or day; it’s a long term trend and not a short term variation. My kids are growing but I don’t see it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – climate change follows the same pattern.

Grist posted “How to respond to people who say the cold weather disproves global warming” about how you can meet the objections of the most frequent “head out the window” denier arguments regarding this issue. The article includes video that perfectly explains the difference between trends and variations:

If you want additional information to support your view of a warming planet, check out the article.

How do I debate the climate change issue with a denier? I don’t – I just listen. Somebody smarter than me once told me that “it takes a fool to argue with a fool” and I’ve taken that to heart. Whenever the topic of climate change / global warming comes up, I don’t waste my time trying to change a denier’s mind; deniers have to arrive there on their own. I truly believe arguing over facts to prove my point will only push climate deniers further away from where they need to be. [Grist]