Climate Change Skeptics Heard Antarctica Sea Ice Is Expanding. Can’t Wait To Melt It.

It was reported in the NY Times Green Blog, “Running the Numbers on Antarctic Sea Ice,” that Antarctic sea ice coverage has actually increased over the last five years from 13.8% to 14.6%. Climate skeptics rejoice at this kind of news. What’s Jubbling’s reaction? We see this as an opportunity.

Maybe if climate change skeptics accept data indicating a moderate increase in Antarctic sea ice as an affirmation of their views, they’ll also acknowledge and value similar mathematical indicators of the significant shrinking Arctic sea ice coverage (from 51% in 1979 to 24% in 2012). Hopefully skeptics will cuddle the changing sea ice coverage numbers on both poles and finally admit that climate change is real. (Not holding my breath.)

Check out the article for a more in depth explanation. [NYT Green Blog]