Electricity-Free Nights?

We lost our electricity last week due to the major snow dump, all 4-inches of it, that hit our area and knocked out power for 1 to 5 days. Our outage lasted about 36 hours but from it, we not only gained a greater appreciation for electricity but we also discovered how nice it is to sometimes go without it.

As our second night without power approached, we lit candles that were scattered around the house and then we all crowded around the fireplace. We broke out some games but mostly, we just told stories. My kids talked about favorite holiday and vacation experiences, my wife talked about past boyfriends (ones that got away) and my stories focused on the many stupid things I’ve done. It was great and the phone and television never had a chance to interrupt us. We talked for hours and then around 8 pm, our power came back on. We all kind of paused and then said what everyone says when the power comes back on: “Electricity!” That’s when my daughter commented: “I guess we’re going to stop telling stories now.” We didn’t stop telling stories. Instead, we ran around the house and turned everything off and for the benefit of everyone present, I finished my jubbling-rap by candlelight. We were all relieved that we regained electricity but the fun came from not using it.

I’m definitely not the first person to recommend having electricity-free nights. The idea has been floated around as a way to bring families together and to consume less power. But I am one of the latest believers in the idea and I encourage others to not wait for the next power outage to experience it.