Fracking = Enema For The Earth. So Does Super-Fracking = Two-Handed Prostate Exam For The Earth?


If critics already think fracking is bad, theoretically, super fracking would be super bad,”
Kirk Sherr, President of Regester Larkin Energy NA

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a technique that sends a high-pressure injection of millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals into the earth in order to break apart petroleum-saturated rock.Fracking Graphic/Illustration by Al Granberg - click to enlarge. As the rocks crack, fossil fuels are released at a rate that is greater than by drilling alone. Fracking’s foes have pointed out the negative environmental impact of the technique on ground water, air quality and as the possible cause of local earthquakes.

Now we’ve got super-fracking to look forward to. It’s basically the same idea as fracking except when it’s super, it involves deeper blasting and/or the creation of wider pathways in order to extract harder to reach fossil fuels. Two companies leading this effort are Baker Hughes Inc. and Schlumberger Ltd. and their new fracking methods are called DirectConnect (deeper) and HiWay (wider) respectively.

So earth-damaging fracking might be replaced by a new even more powerful anti-hero, super-fracking. This could be the only bizarro comic book story where the villain is who we’re rooting for. [Bloomberg]