Jubbling “Hearts” Some Art (Finally!)

Art and Jubbling don’t mix well. Especially when the intention of the art is to provoke while consuming in a way that runs counter to its supposed green message. Thankfully, we’ve found two examples of art that we do agree with.

Ben Long – The Great Travelling Art ExhibitionBen Long  The Great Travelling Art ExhibitionThe first is artist Ben Long of the UK and “The Great Travelling Art Exhibition”. His supplies: A finger and a cup of water. His canvas: The grime covered rear doors of commercial trucks. By completing his “free-roaming” art on the back of moving vehicles, Mr. Long does not need to display his work in a gallery so he doesn’t need financial support to show his work. Little did I know but my kids were burgeoning artists too when they used their fingers to write “Dad Stinks” in the grime on the back of my car. [Inhabitat]

Hayward Gallery – “Invisible”Andy Warhol Invisible Sculpture - Tom Friedman 1000 Hours of StaringOur next favorite is an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London and is aptly named “Invisible” art. Included in this exhibit is Andy Warhol’s “Invisible Sculpture” (empty pedestal) and Tom Friedman’s “1000 Hours of Staring” (blank piece of paper). The exhibition runs from June 12 – August 5, 2012. Probably the best feature of this exhibition is that if you are unable to attend, you can probably duplicate some of the art you missed in your own home. [Boing Boing]