LG Releasing New Door-In-Door™ Energy Saving Refrigerator

LG Door-In-Door French-door RefrigeratorA couple years ago, we visited some friends who had an interesting easy-access door refrigerator from the late 1980’s. The door was about 24″ square and opened like an oven allowing them to grab just the items they used most without having to open the entire refrigerator. I thought it was genius and a great way to save energy but it looks like this idea has been stepped up a notch with LG’s latest Door-In-Door™ model.

LG’s new Door-in-Door™ French-door refrigerator includes a separate compartment that is magnetically sealed and accessed by pressing a button on the handle. The LG Door-in-Door™ refrigerator is not the only model now on the market with this feature – the Kenmore Elite 7206 was released in February 2012 but it was also likely built by LG. Here’s a video on how the LG Door-In-Door refrigerator works:

LG Door-In-Door Refrigerator CompartmentIndustrial design website, Core77.com, isn’t sold on the Door-In-Door™ idea and asked readers to vote on whether they think the LG fridge is truly an energy saver or just a lot of hot marketing gas.

Jubbling’s take: we think including the Door-In-Door™ sealed compartment with the LG refrigerator will help reduce the amount of power it needs to operate. Accessing items you use often in the D-I-D section means the fridge only has to re-cool that smaller space. But our only wish is that the access door was smaller; like the old-school refrigerator at our friend’s house. It was a much simpler solution that just worked.

LG GR-P257STS Refrigerator with One Touch HomebarIronically, LG did sell a model with a feature they called the “One Touch Homebar” that had an easy-access door on the front of the refrigerator. Not sure why they discontinued this model and went all fancy with the Door-In-Door™ feature but hopefully it was because the new version uses less electricity and the move had nothing to do with aesthetics. [Core77]