nPower PEG: A Shake Weight That Can Charge Mobile Devices

Fremont Electric's nPower PegTremont Electric’s nPower® PEG is a kinetic energy, USB charging device was originally released in 2010 and charges its built-in battery through an up/down motion against gravity. The latest 2012 model weighs in at 14 oz. and is sleeker, incorporates a carrying hoop and has doubled its lithium polymer battery capacity to 2000mAh – enough to charge an iPhone 4 up to 75%. The nPower® PEG is designed for bikers, hikers and runners who can generate a little possibly-needed juice when they venture out of the house.

The price of the nPower® PEG is a little steep at $169. But compared to solar backpacks (around $200) that need to charge in direct sunlight, the nPower® PEG has an advantage of being able to re-charge in any condition or season. Check out the complete FAQ on their site for more information on the nPower® PEG. [nPower® PEG]