NQJW Seventh Edition: Colored Silk From Dye-Fed Silkworms?, Mission Impossible BMW i8 Hybrid, Giant Shoe Shaped EV On Streets Of China, Summer Rayne Oakes Wears One Dress For Entire Month

Stories that are not quite Jub-Worthy There are stories out there that merit the cycle of agonizing over our thoughts and limited writing abilities for four hours, and others that might be interesting but are just as well represented by a link. Here are those links.

Dye Fed Silkworm Silk

  • Dye-Fed Silkworms Cut Silk Industry’s Water Consumption – Could adding dye to a silkworm’s diet enable it to produce colored silk? That’s what researchers from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore discovered and they also found that dye in the silkworm will not compromise the quality of the silk. The nice Jubbling here comes from the fact that the produced colored silk does not have to go through the normal water-intensive dyeing process.

    When I read this, my first thought was: “I should’ve of figured this out first!.” Anyone who has eaten 25+ pink colored Marshmallow Peeps and chased it with copious amounts of Kool-Aid has seen the results and knows what I’m talking about. Treehugger.com

  • Tom Cruise To Drive Electric Hybrid In New ‘Mission Impossible’ Film – Awesome! A new Mission:Impossible film, The Ghost Protocol, and they’re eco-friendly and flexing their green muscle in this $140 million blockbuster by featuring the $160,000 BMW i8 Hybrid. Tom Cruise will be piloting the BMW i8 Hybrid that goes 0-60 in 5 seconds while getting 62 mpgs. If you can’t wait, you may get to see everything you want in this movie by watching the clip below. Ecorazzi.com
  • [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRzgpqMuT54[/youtube]

    AoKang Shoe Car

  • AoKang’s Giant Shoe Shaped Electric Vehicle Cruises Chinese Streets – Chinese shoemaker, AoKang, is attracting a little bit of attention on the streets of China with their promo-driven electric vehicle Shoe car. It’s a two-seater that can travel 180+ miles on a single charge. AoKang hopes to sell 40 of these vehicles and they’re selling them for $6500/each.

    The only value Jubbling sees here is an opportunity for a playdate between shoe car guy and Beijing’s egg house living man. Inhabitat
  • Playdate Egg House Man and AoKang Shoe Car Guy

    Summer Rayne Oakes

  • Summer Rayne Oakes Wears One Dress for Entire Month of March – Model and environmental activist, Summer Rayne Oakes, is going to wear one outfit for the entire month of March. Her odyssey is being tracked on the UniformProject.com website and we think it’s great idea. Yes, she’ll accessorize daily (that’s how you get sponsors like Payless to pitch in) and her cause this month is charity : water. If I could get a sponsor, I would do the same thing without accessorizing. I’d even throw in the not-bathing. Treehugger.com
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