Jubbling Case Study: Open Letter To Waste Management – Title Sponsor Of The 2011 Phoenix Open

Phoenix Open Golf Tournament TPC ScottsdaleEarth911.com posted an article about Waste Management’s efforts to “green up” this years Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. Last year, Waste Managements first as the title sponsor, they were able to encourage and reclaim 62% of the waste that was created during the week long event. And this year, they’re going even bigger by including BigBelly solar powered trash compactors, using kitchen collected greywater for use in the bathrooms etc. They’ll even have Recycling Ambassadors around the course to answer spectator questions about what is or isn’t recyclable – the one gig I wouldn’t want at this golf tournament.

Hooray for Waste Management and the 2011 Phoenix Open! What a great way to showcase your expanding waste disposal offerings.

But as Jubbling goes, I started thinking about this and wondered if I could help. Thinking out loud: “Last years Phoenix Open… 62% of the waste created was reclaimed… this year, you already have BigBelly solar powered trash compactors… I hope that thing floating in the toilet came from the kitchen and was not deposited by me.” And then it hit me – yes, I can help. Please accept this letter and be aware that I expect nothing in return.

Open Letter To Waste Management - Title Sponsor Of The 2011 Phoenix Open

Dear Waste Management Higher Ups,

I’ve got an idea to cut waste that might help you with the next Phoenix Open.

Golf tournaments are fun and like other sporting events, it’s a great opportunity to consume beverages. Only difference is that a day at the Phoenix Open lasts 6-8 hours and more than a few beverages are consumed. I haven’t attended the Phoenix Open but from what I’ve heard, it’s part golf but mostly party. Half a million attendees eating and drinking and drinking and drinking – my guess is that they’ll go through quite a few once used plastic cups and water bottles. Probably a trillion or so. Instead of shooting for a goal to recycle at a higher percentage, how about shooting for a goal to have less waste period?

My idea is simple. Why don’t you give attendees a cup, when they check-in, that is theirs to keep and use all day. Fans could even write their names on the cup or draw picture on it to make it even more “theirs”. It could hold water, soda or beer and it’s refilled rather than disposed. If you lose your cup, you can try again and buy another beverage at a higher price (another way to cover your cost) and get a new cup. I’ve been to a golf tournament and I was the only redneck out there reusing his cup – but when it was empty, I felt compelled to refill it so I actually drank more than I normally would’ve had I tossed the cup. At this same tournament, I also was a witness to the amount of waste. Sorry but I have to say it “HOLY SHIT!” I’ve never seen plastic stacked that high in my life. The Burj Dubai has nothing on a golf tourney trash can or recycle bin.

I know you guys like managing waste and garbage is your thing. Maybe managing it more effectively means reducing the amount you have to manage. It’s like using fewer employees to do the same amount of work. Plus, it’s just cups and I’ll stay away from suggesting ideas that involve handling food waste for now. (hint: pigs)

This one is a freebie and I hope you think about it a little. Thank you for your efforts and good luck.


Open Letter To Waste Management - Title Sponsor Of The 2011 Phoenix Open