SavWatt CEO’s New Year’s Shareholders Message Is Awesome.

What do you put in your New Year’s message to shareholders when your stock is trading at $.0004 per share? Well the CEO of SavWatt, Ike H. Sutton, calls out the haters and basically tells them to go piss up a tree:

I have only one request for the new year that is in regards to SavWatt’s bashers on online chat boards. Ask yourself why are they bashing SavWatt? If they are shareholders, why bash? This only creates negativity in the marketplace. If they are not shareholders, why are they on the board? Are they being paid for bashing? By whom and what’s the purpose? And if they are really unhappy with SavWatt and the SavWatt team, get out of the stock and move on. Please do not listen or act based on basher information as they have an agenda of their own and provide misinformation to the determent of the company.

Ecopole by SavWatt

Ecopole by SavWatt

SavWatt’s flagship product, the Ecopole, seems like an impractical Swiss-Army green solution that was hoping for government stimulus type money and never got it.

But the rant by SavWatt’s CEO in his shareholders message is priceless and is probably not a good sign that the company is going to turn things around anytime soon. I guess if you think you’re going down, you might as well go without regret.



  1. Eco-Pole is manufactured in China