Smart Meters Reveal Our Electricity Use When We Are Not Home

The NY Times Green Blog has an interesting article, An Energy Epiphany: Staying Home Is Cheap, about the author’s experience getting weekly feedback from his Smart Meter.

Smart MeterThanks to weekly email reports from his Smart Meter, NY Times Green Blog writer Clifford Krauss figures that nearly half of the electricity he consumes weekly is for appliances that are always plugged in and occurs whether he’s home or not. The refrigerator, electric clocks and stove all consume electricity throughout the day. And my guess is that a tv in standby mode, cable/satellite tuners that are constantly updating and power strips are also a draw. He discovered, after a vacation, that being home only cost him $2 more per day than being away.

Other than your refrigerator, it’s probably a good idea to turn off and unplug everything in your house before you leave for your next vacation – especially if you own a Tivo. It draws power like a desktop computer and runs even when you turn it off.