Sunlounge Tanning & Spa In Los Angeles Gets 15-30% Of Their Power From Solar. Is That Bad?

Sunlounge Solar Powered Spa and Tanning SalonSunlounge Tanning & Spa’s own website refers to their role as the “sun’s middleman” and that’s because they get 15-30% of their electricity from solar power. It seems more than a little crazy that people would seek out the artificial sunlight from a tanning bed that is powered by solar panels versus getting it directly from the sun; it’s like choosing to pay for a knockoff when the actual product is free. But according to Sunlounge, there are many good reasons why you should artificial over organic sunning. posted a tongue in cheek story about Sunlounge and how it was possibly inspired by a Photoshop contest for stupid technology. But Jubbling thinks that other than trying to over-leverage the “going green” message, Sunlounge is doing something positive by using solar power. Doesn’t take the all the crazy out the idea but I have to admit, because of the solar and not the going green message, Sunlounge would be first tanning salon in Los Angeles that I’d think of when I wouldn’t go tanning.