The Eco-Polyglu Takes In Dirty Water And Cranks Our Clean Water.

Skip ahead to the 1:30 mark to watch the Eco-Polyglu in action. The $145 Eco-Polyglu from Poly Glu International is a hand-cranked water filter / purifier that makes non-potable water potable by using polyglutamic acid to bind the suspended solids and a filter to collect them. From a Poly Glu spokesman:

“Rotating the tank results in aeration which furthers the effectiveness of the acid making it easier to separate and remove toxicants such as colon bacterium and heavy metals.”

Poly Glu International hopes their Eco-Polyglu will find a market as an affordable water purification system in developing nations and everywhere else as an emergency water purifier.

Eco-Polyglu Water Purifier from Poly Glu International

The Eco-Polyglu sounds like a great idea and the only way it could be marketed more effectively is if the guy in all of their videos pounded the glass of newly-clean Eco-Polyglu’d water. A product name change wouldn’t hurt either – how does “H2O Yeah!” sound? [RocketNews 24]