The Segwaying, iPad Controlled ‘Double’ From Double Robotics Is Another MUSTN’T Have Product.

Ok, I get the idea that some important people want to be in two places at once but going the Double route probably isn’t the solution. The Double is a $1999 Segway’ish rolling-around iPad mounted robot that allows the user to feign a presence when they are not present. Double Robotic's Double It’s managed by a second iPad (sold separately) and according to Double Robotic’s website , it could be used in offices, remote manufacturing facilities, museums, hospitals, homes and on college campuses.

Yes, the Double will allow users to avoid flights (Jubbling?) and be creepily around but the product is wasteful and unnecessary. From the video, the Double is seen attending meetings and motoring through a product development area. My guess is that nothing will fast-track alienation and team deconstructing like sending your Double through the remote office to see how your team is performing. Its watchful eye will more than likely create more problems than it’ll solve.

Stick with Skype, save $2,000 and avoid the creep factor by not investing in your Double. [Geekosystem]