The Wall-Mounted LaunchPort iPad Inductive Charging System Seems Useful. The STRUT Version Seems Useless.

STRUT LaunchPort inductive Charging iPad StandYou know you’re NOT onto something when the accessory your purchasing for your iPad costs more than twice the price of the device. Welcome the STRUT LaunchPort. It’s a chrome-plated, inductive-charging stand for the iPad that will sell complete for $1250.

Not sure why the folks at LaunchPort decided to STRUT it up; their original wall-mounted, inductive charging system was more affordable and looked like a novel way to share an iPad. Of course, the STRUT LaunchPort isn’t the first over-the-top iAccessory. Back in December 2011, we wrote about the $30,000, car-sized Behringer iNuke iPhone speaker.

Jubbling has posted several articles about the advantages of using the low-power consuming iDevices as viewing alternatives to larger televisions. We’ve also written about iAccessories that use very few materials to prop-up and amplify your iDevices. Unfortunately, the STRUT LaunchPort is going in the wrong direction. That’s why we tapped into the brain trust here at Jubbling, bribed a 9-year old with pizza and asked him to build an alternative to the STRUT.

Duplo built iPad standSorry but he could not figure the whole induction charging thing so you’ll have to manually plug-in the power adapter. But on the plus side, the Duplo-based stand he built is solid and only cost us three pieces of pizza to manufacture. [Gizmodo, ChipChick and LaunchPort]