This Thanksgiving, 203 Million Pounds Of Edible Turkey Meat Will Be Thrown Out.

Thanksgiving turkey waste

“Why do we have to eat turkey at Thanksgiving? Why can’t we have chicken katsu instead?
Harry, November 19, 2012

For my son Harry, turkey meat can best be described as his barf-inducing kryptonite and it turns out that he’s not the only one avoiding turkey at Thanksgiving. According to US Department of Agriculture figures, US consumers throw out a crazy 203 million pounds (35%) of edible turkey meat each Thanksgiving. Yes we could all make more of an effort to NOT throw out our leftover turkey by saving fridge/freezer space for it in advance or by purchasing a smaller bird. But if Harry could decide, we’d dump the turkey altogether and switch to a Thanksgiving chicken. USDA numbers support this move by showing that Americans throw out 15% of the edible chicken meat – 60% less waste than turkey***.

Hopefully Harry won’t use this data and throw Jubbling back in my face in order to make his case for Thanksgiving chicken. He may be successful because having Jubbling thrown back at me is my kryptonite. []

***Sorry vegetarians and vegans. I couldn’t find numbers on Tofurky.