Want To Learn How To Consume Less And Create Less Waste? Live In A Country With No Garbage Service.

Paraguay Waste - Image: Marta Escurra for Infosurhoy.comIn Western countries, trash service and waste disposal is easy to take for granted. Living in a country without government managed garbage pickup or septic systems that can handle toilet paper, forces people to develop MacGyver type solutions to manage their waste. Good posted an article by Megan Wood, “How Living in Paraguay Taught Me to Get Creative With My Trash,” on her experience conscientiously disposing of her personal trash. Ms. Wood dealt with her refuse by burning (toilet paper), reusing (wine bottles) and consuming less (no more Pringles) based on her situation. It’s a great article and her trash-reducing solutions and efforts to purchase items that are easier to dispose of are ones that can be applied in any country. [Good]