Who’d You Rather: CFL vs LED?

Cleantechnica.com posted an article that once again compares LED lights to CFL’s: LED vs CFL — Which Light Bulb is More Efficient? Its author, Elizabeth Smyth, writes for Precision Paragon – an energy efficient lighting manufacturer. Here are her statistics:

LED vs CFL on CleanTechnica
Ms. Smyth’s article repeatedly stresses that this is a “real world” comparison and based on her results, it seems obvious that 60-watt equivalent CFLs are an easy choice over comparable LEDs. But if you look at the numbers just a little, you’ll see that the pricing she used is pretty extreme – extremely low for CFL’s and high for LED’s. And one other real world factor she did leave out of the comparison is the risk and exposure to mercury vapor which is found in all CFL lights. I used to think it was nonsense until a CFL light bulb broke next to my daughter’s bed. The bulb didn’t just break, it popped and released mercury vapor that could have been inhaled or absorbed through skin.Broken CFL Light BulbSo numbers-schnumbers – make the choice that works best for you and if you do go with CFL’s, be aware of the risks. My daughter now reads to an LED lamp and although it’s not as bright as the CFL, it’s worth sacrificing a little brightness for safety.