Wine Vending Machines Coming To the U.S.?

Astrid Terzian Wine Vending Machine Reserves PrecieusesAn interesting story we found on about Astrid Terzian and her idea to change the way wine is distributed. Her company, Réserves Précieuses of France, is installing and dispensing wine in grocery stores via a vending machine. Currently, her machines are in 8 supermarkets in France and are expected in the US some time in 2011.

The idea is trés Jubbling and we think c’est magnifique because it reduces the amount of packaging (wine bottles etc.), reduces transportation costs and need for warehouse space and the dispensed wine could be sourced locally. Consumers benefit because they can get their verre sur (drink on) Jubblingly by using their own refillable container and more cost effectively vs purchasing bottled wine. The price works out to $2/liter but our true love is the precycling with this product! The current machines dispense three types of wine and will print out a receipt stating the type and amount you purchased.

I must confess that I am not a wine drinker but I do purchase wine for housewarming or host/hostess gifts. I look forward to the day that I can deliver a future gift of wine in a half-full, gallon milk jug that when empty, I can bring home with me and use again.



  1. Need more information. is this a franchise thing or patented idea? think I need one in my house to start. beta test