Hopefully Resourcefulness Will Be The Next Big Fashion Statement

Use it up, wear it out - make it do!Good article on Boing Boing about resourcefulness and how it has become a lost art. Stuff is just cheaper to replace now so it doesn’t make sense to repair and re-wear. I’m guilty too as I catch myself throwing out possibly useful items (kids partial toys, holey clothing etc.) because it’s easier to toss and forget.

We should all challenge ourselves to repurpose and extend the life of one extra item each month; an article of clothing, a toy, or an electronic device. I do have to get rid of some underwear that are so old, they’re made out of tree bark. But besides chucking the undies (or using them as rags), I’m going try to patch and repair one normally trashed item each month. I already make a daily un-fashion statement so why not expand on it? [Boing Boing]