Pro Bottled Water Video From International Bottle Water Association Is “Dum”

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Whenever I watch videos like this one from, I swear that Saddam Hussein’s former marketing and public relation’s guys are behind it. This is going to backfire and the insulting video is only going to strengthen the resolve of students wanting bottled water taken off their campuses.

The International Bottle Water Association (IBWA) has a tough job trying to convince people, especially starving students, to pay for something they can get for free. They would be better off having their members take their bottled water out of a store and show what it’s replaced with – energy drinks, soda in plastic bottles, Boones Farm etc. Then maybe post some pictures of people who over-drink these items.

But the IBWA is instead choosing to go after students and question what they should find important. Their marketing is so bad, it makes me want to drink bottled water even less and I don’t drink the stuff. To make things right with me, I guess I’ll have to find empty plastic water bottles, refill them with tap water and put them back in the store cooler for sale. [Grist]



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