Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil Costs $260. We’ll Break It Down For You.

Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

“The culmination of the history of the pencil is the ‘Perfect Pencil’ from Graf von Faber-Castell. Enjoyment in writing and sketching with the classic pencil means that it should always be sharp. But where to keep the sharpener? The best place, of course, is there where you need it – on the pencil, integrated in the extender, which protects it while making it suitable to keep in your pocket.”
Description of the Graf von Faber-Castell “Perfect Pencil” on

Based on this write-up, here’s how the costs break down for the Perfect Pencil:

  • Included cedar pencil: free.
  • Ability to add a replacement eraser: free.
  • Silver or platinum finish: free.
  • Extender with integrated sharpener: $260.

Consuming less and avoiding the Perfect Pencil: Jubbling. [Core77]