Thanks To The Green Burial Council, Your Last Act Could Be A Jubbling One

How do you want to go? Most people have a good idea and it’s what drives the $11 billion deathcare industry. An industry that annually consumes:

  1. 8 Olympic sized swimming pools of embalming fluid.
  2. A Golden Gate Bridge worth of steel in caskets alone.
  3. Enough reinforced concrete to build a two lane highway from New York to Detroit.

Jubbling AfterlifeIt’s huge business and it is driven by our need to lovingly say goodbye to a friend or family member in a way that we might not have been able to while they were alive. Enter the Green Burial Council. Their goal is to bring back the old school, pre-embalming fluid burials in order to reach Jubbling in the afterlife. They also advocate the use of naturally produced burial containers (cardboard or wood) and the absence of a concrete vault or headstone. The only marker might be a tree and finding the location may involve the use of a GPS because unlike a normal cemetery, an RBC approved site will look like an undisturbed grassy field.

In 2006, Planet Green had a good article about Jubbling up your post-life arrangements. They have suggestions that cover all facets of the funeral process including cremation, use of living markers and encouraging charitable donations “in lieu of” cut flowers.