The Better World Shopping Guide – Cast Your Vote With The Products You Buy

The Better World Shopping GuideThe Better World Shopping Guide by Ellis Jones is close to “my kind of book.” It’s small, has big graphics and most of all it gets to the point and helps you make your next informed purchase a small act of Jubbling. It’s thanks to 15+ years of research into companies that produce the products that we should buy and goes even further by checking out their parent companies as well.The Better World Shopping Guide effectively displays the results of their research by breaking the products down into categories (ie. pizza, pet care, gasoline, coffee etc.) and then grades the products in A to F format. For the most part, the villains in this book are the very one’s you’d expect; Wal-Mart, Exxon, ConAgra etc. But some products, like Boca, surprised me with their low ranking. The result has more to do with their parent company (Kraft Foods) than with Boca’s own corporate practices but identifying the relationship is important.

The only area that The Better World Shopping Guide gets a little cloudy is when you need to justify buying A-rated products (ie. Annies, Newman’s) from an F-rated store like Wal-Mart. Do I average the score for a ‘C’ or do I take an ‘F’? Maybe an ‘Even Better World Shopping Guide’ would be only 2 pages long. Page 1 would tell you to ride your bike to the store and page 2 would tell you to shop at your local farmers market, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Part of the research would have to include reading The Better World Shopping Guide.