How Do You Reduce Emissions From 18-Wheelers? Start With ATDynamics TrailerTail

ATDynamics TrailerTail With Some jubBLINGE-The Environmental Magazine posted an article, Pollution From Freight Transport, about how heavy-duty freight trucks were responsible for 77.8% of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 and how that percentage has continued to grow since 1990. The article also gives examples of what freight companies are doing to curb their pollution and emissions.

ATDynamics TrailerTail Being DeployedWe want to put ATDynamics TrailerTail back out there for consideration; we wrote about this product back in April 2011. The TrailerTail can be installed by 2 people in 1 hour and when the driver deploys it, the TrailerTail is certified to increase fuel efficiency by 6.6% when the truck is traveling at 65 mph. Your fuel savings will allow you to recoup the TrailerTail’s cost [$1500] in 1 year.

It’s truly a Jubbling no-brainer.