Christmas Tree + Jellyfish & Firefly Genes = Self-Lit Christmas Tree That Might Sting The Hell Out Of You.

Incredible Hulk Christmas TreeTreehugger posted the article, “Christmas Trees Given Jellyfish Genes Could Produce Their Own Light,” about the efforts of British genetic engineers to develop a luminescent Christmas tree. From the article:

“According to one BBC report, a team of postgraduate researchers from the University of Hertfordshire have devised a way to splice the bioluminescent properties of jellyfish and fireflies into the genes of a Douglas spruce, thereby creating a tree which would glow green both day and night, without adding a cent to your electricity bill.”

The Jubbling part of me is leaning toward “Yay! This might reduce the amount of electricity we consume lighting our Christmas tree.” But the other part of me has seen the movie “The Hulk” and knows this won’t turn out well. Sorry Jubbling; I’m listening to part 2 this time. [Treehugger]