Last Minute Homemade Valentines Card Ideas For Dads.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we missed our opportunity to design new homemade cards. In previous years, we created homemade Valentine’s Day card ideas for dads that were easy to make, delivered a sweet V-message and did not require an extra trip to the card store.

Here’s one from last year and it’s still free to use. (Note: If you give out this card, you better be ready to live it!)

Sit-n-Pee Homemade Valentines Card

And here are three more we’re reusing from Valentine’s Day 2011.

Valentines Card #1 – Guess Who’s Getting Lucky?
Valentines Card - Getting Lucky

Valentines Card #2 – You Were Right And I Was Wrong
Valentines Card - I Was Wrong

Valentines Card #3 – What Are We Going To Watch Together? (Oprah still kind of works)
Valentines Card - Watch Together

Dads: Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck not consuming this year!