What Is More Jubbling – Hand Washing Or Electric Dishwasher?

Hand Washing vs Electric DishwasherAs part of my daily Jubbling effort, I decided to avoid using the dishwasher in favor of hand washing all dishes. For some reason, nobody argued with me as I struggled to clean every dish in the sink for half of 2010. Yes, we still did use the dishwasher but only about twice a month thanks to my manual decision.

Then I made a bet about what was more Jubbling and searched out the answer. I soon discovered that I was wrong [again]. Outside of me washing the dishes by the river, the new Energy Star rated dishwashers are more efficient than I ever could be hand washing. It’s estimated that a dishwasher will use anywhere from 4 – 6 gallons of water to wash a load of dishes and hand washing the equivalent load could use up to 27 gallons of hot water. Now I could get into the math of kilowatt hours of energy consumed by an electric dishwasher versus hand washing or I could tap into some rain barrel water to make my case but ultimately, I was wrong.

I still recommend hand washing some items like large bowls or pans that would take up a significant amount of dishwasher space and I never hesitate to rinse a dish for its next use if it held something dry like crackers or milk-less cereal. Maybe it’s not 100% sanitary but with my kids, who sometimes carry loose change in their mouth, it’s not that big of a deal.