Jubbling Was Closer To Appreciating Art. Saw ‘Burning House’ By Carrie Schneider And Don’t Get It Again.

Burning House - Carrie SchneiderThe basic idea behind Jubbling is to help people find ways to consume less and reuse more. Burning House by Carrie Schneider is not a good example of Jubbling. For the Burning House series, Ms. Schneider photographed the building and torching of 15 lookalike house type structures over two years so it would appear that it was one non-stop burn through every season. The one positive is that she didn’t pitch Burning House as a ‘green’ statement about the lack of affordable housing or dwindling resources. But maybe in hindsight, she could’ve built one house, photographed it over two years and Photoshopped in the flames and smoke. Heck, she could’ve Photoshopped in the seasons too but that wouldn’t be considered art and that’s why I’ll never get it. [Laughing Squid]