Mark Wilby Is Protesting Illegal Rhinoceros Poaching By Sending Toenail Clippings To Chinese Embassy. (GRAPHIC)

“I’m doing this out of a sense of horror and powerlessness.”
Why Mark Wilby protests illegal rhino poaching in South Africa by sending his toenail clippings to the Chinese Embassy.

It’s likely that by the end of 2012, 600+ rhinoceroses will be illegally killed in South Africa. It’s all about the extremely valuable rhino horn that is made up of mostly keratin – a protein found in human hair and nails. In Asia, rhino horn is ground and consumed for its “believed”, yet unproven, healing properties and is used to treat fevers and inflammation.

Frustrated by the wasteful rhino killings, Mark Wilby is taking his fight to one of the expected end-users by sending his toenail clippings to the Chinese Embassy in South Africa and he’s encouraging others to do this same. Mr. Wilby knows his toenail campaign is disrespectful but guided by a feeling of powerlessness, hopes his form of protest will effect change where other methods have failed.

Jubbling thinks Mr. Wilby may be on to something. This form of protest will not only motivate our environmentally concerned kids to clip their seldom cut toenails but it’ll also encourage them to write letters too. [E360]

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
972 Pretorius Street
Arcadia 0083
South Africa
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
87 Brooks Street, Brooklyn
Guateng 0181
South Africa