The Waterpebble Tells You When To Get Out Of The Shower

“But can it differentiate water from urine? If I step in the shower with a ‘full tank’, so to speak, I don’t want that going towards my overall count!”
Comment from Tipoo on the Waterpebble
Cnet Crave

Priestmangoode WaterpebbleThe Waterpebble from Priestmangoode is a neat little gadget designed to alert you when you need to get out of the shower. It works by monitoring the amount of water that goes down the drain during your shower. And with each use, the Waterpebble fractionally shortens the amount of time you should spend in the shower through the use of lights. The Waterpebble is a one-time use product that will last approx 4-6 months and is fully recyclable. Here is how it works:

The Waterpebble from Priestmangoode

Our take on the Waterpebble is that it’s a great idea that could inspire new ideas that encourage shower-takers to be more aware of their shower length. My system now is to get out when the water starts to feel cold which for men gives new meaning to the term “Waterpebble.” But I would consider purchasing a Waterpebble for my kids who seem to believe the vast ocean they’ve seen is the source of their shower water. So in our case, it’s either a Waterpebble or an egg timer in a Ziploc bag.

Where to buy the Waterpebble: Dry Planet (UK)