Submerged Art Installations And Sculptures Made From Our Marine Trash.

Forlane 6 Studio - Posidonia


Scuba artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez built underwater art sculptures out of marine trash.

Forlane 6 Studio - Martini Effect

Martini Effect

Here is a portion of their artistic statement:

“In response to our time of alarming climate change, the work presents a deliberate immersion of the objects that compose our daily surroundings. The certainty that in a near future, global issues will bring disastrous consequences on the environment creates a disturbing atmosphere. However the mass production rate of artificial material seems unstoppable. It overflows well beyond land frontiers and the seas surface, as it penetrates the depth of a distant and foreign space.”

You can read the full artistic statement on the Forlane 6 Studio website.

Forlane 6 Studio - Posidonia


Here’s another description of their work from Fast Co.Create:

“These undulating underwater sculptures are made of chairs, streamers, pants, and hunks of random garbage like old showerheads. Each piece gives the appearance of bobbing around like car-dealership wind puppets, even though these are stills. In order to enhance the illusion of motion, bubblers and what looks to be falling confetti complement some of the photos. While it’s nice to imagine our garbage coming to Toy Story-like life at the bottom of the ocean, it’s nicer to imagine that in the future it will never arrive down there.”

Forlane 6 Studio - Takeoff


Note: Viewing Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez’s underwater sculptures and then throwing your trash into the ocean doesn’t make you a patron of the arts; just an ass. [Fast Co.Create]